Monday, December 31, 2007

Saying goodbye to 2007 :-)

Time really passes so fast! Demi is turning one in a couple of months soon. Mummy can still remember the big round tummy last December. Time truly waits for no one. Ryan is going on the big 5, a Kindergarten 1 preschooler. Oh my, mummy is feeling the heat of getting Ryan ready for the Primary 1. Think the coming weeknights have to be filled with assessment books and worksheets. But this is ONE BIG LAZY MUMMY you are looking at! Sigh...

Happy New Year to all our friends!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

X'mas Presents for all

Christmas is really a 'money-spending' season. Mummy not talking about the little gifts bought for friends and relatives, but for our two little precious at home. Don't know about other parents, mummy feels so deprived of getting something nice for them. Just pity that their folks are not loaded thus cannot afford those 'enriching' classes or toys. Most essential items are usually bought 2nd-hand from auctions. So mummy got this good reason to pamper them, just once in a blue moon, in this holiday season.

For Ryan, besides the earlier Thomas Tank items bought from AMK Hub, daddy got him a Thomas & shed - playhouse set. We had forgotten to video the gift-tearing session. Ryan practically hug it so tightly and said, OOOOOOOOOOOO Thomas, I LOVE IT!
What more could we ask for? As parents, we are just so glad that we can bring a smile to our child!


For Demi, mummy got her first (hopefully not last) Burberry dress at size 18-24 (smallest at stock) from Takashimaya. Think this is going to be her Chinese New Year dress. Phew! No need to get more new clothes for Demi then :P


Daddy received 2 Levis jeans to meet his new waistline :D Putting on abit of mass makes most of his wardrode seems tight! Mummy needs to take most of the blame since I have been passing those leftovers to him every now and then :P


Last but not least, mummy got the dream gift ever! A Gucci small tote bag in my favourite colour, brown. Oh, how I love Chrismas!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Smelly video :-P

We were having dinner when this video was taken. Demi was 'squeezing' hard to get her big business done. Just look at those lips, they were 'straightened' like a flat line while she did the squeeze. Simply hilarious! And the best part, after the business (3 squeezes), she munched on her half-eaten biscuit like nothing had happened. FAINTZ...

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thomas, the Tank Engine & Friends

Only learned on the last day of event that there was a Thomas, the Tank Engine& friends Fair at AMK Hub. Mummy was struggling if we should visit the fair since it was a packed day with gift-shopping and wedding solumnization at Raffles Town Club. But it is really hard to get a good range of Thomas train merchandise in Singapore... Ok lah! Let's go then, daddy exclaimed. How sweet :-)

There was a 'real' thomas train ride at level 3, exclusively for shoppers with $50 or more purchases in AMK Hub or S$20 or more purchases in this thomas train fair. Mummy separated the purchase in 3 receipts. Wah lah, 3 rides for Ryan :-) Kiasu mummy ;-P

There you have, a very happy boy and a poorer dad :P
Well, it's an advance christimas present for Ryan. (whispering) Ryan is still talking about the Gordon train with shed and the turntable set...Phew, daddy got to work really hard for that :-D

Though we try not to use such toys as a rewarding factor, they do motivate Ryan to have better behaviour. Also, with this 'motivation', Ryan actually chases daddy to the airport so he can 'earn money for Ryan to buy toy toy'. Otherwise, separation anxiety will surely be intesified in every departure. Very ugly indeed :-P

Now Ryan get his present...what will mummy get huh? (daddy, are you reading this? :-P)

Friday, December 14, 2007

It's Christimas!!

Finally managed to put up that long-awaited christmas tree. Though we are not a christian family, we enjoy this day as a great gathering & feasting for families. This is Demi's first christmas and all the more we got to put up that tree!

We went to Concourse for ornaments shopping and sad to learn that these gift shops will be shifting to new premises from 1 March 2008. This existing building will be torn down and made way for a luxurious condominium. Surely luxurious to have this hot spot in town as your residential address. Think the property market will continue a steady growth for the coming year...

And here we have our princess, Demi all dressed up for the season : ear muffles.. :p

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Demi's head banging cry :P

Demi is officially a superglue baby! She needs to be carried constantly and thus it is not surprising that her favourite sport is not crawling :P Mummy is lucky to have the sarong sling for baby carrying. At least Demi can be pacified with this 'koala hugging' method :P If not, bear with her bawling... faintz!

Mummy took this video of Demi bawling for attention. See her knocking head and peeping eyes. Really hard to hold those laughter when taking this video! Cruel mummy :D Hahaha...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Shayne Ward

Mummy's hot favourite song now: UNTIL YOU by Shayne Ward
Click here to listen.

Simply touching. It will surely be our wedding song... if we could turn back time :P

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Favourite Chicken :-P

Just managed to download this cute video clip... want to share with you, my pal.
It never fail to put a smile on me everytime. Simply hilarious!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pictures, more pictures

With Demi turning one in a couple of months, mummy cannot help but to feel age and sigh at the speed of time. How I adore the technology we enjoy now. At click of buttons, I can take pictures or videos of our precious children at such convenience and clarity. After some time these captured moments got to find ways for showcase! Or they will end up in memory sticks unused, just like printed photographs piled under those dusty albums :P Enjoy folks! They are our glory :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Meals in Korea

Daddy downloaded some pictures of his korean meals. All look so yummy :) Sigh, mummy wish to be there, for tour (not work) of course! :P

Daddy and Uncle Joeson, his colleague and best pal at work, enjoying a quiet moment at meal time.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Daddy's in Korea :-(

It is in daddy's job scope, as a gas detection service engineer at Drager, to travel overseas . It is rather dangerous since such devices are usually used in high risk areas, like oil rigs, vessel, tunnel etc. But it is also daddy's passion, to scale challenging ground and excel in the field. I think he has done a great job. Hopefully he will be given the credit and get appreciated for his effort :-)

This time daddy is assigned to a training cum calibration job at Ulsan and Incheon, South Korea. He managed to visit a local departmental store, Lotte Department Store for some shopping and food in the evenings. See video below to catch a glimsp of the store.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ryan's Playroom

Auntie Jennifer wanted to see how Ryan's playroom look like... So here you are, pictures of the room... Not very glam, but think it is enough to keep a child very entertained :-)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Demi fell off the bed :-O

Gosh! Demi fell from our bed after a few quick roll-overs!
That was so quick! It just happened in a blink of eyes! What followed was definite: a loud row of cry & bawl. At least she is alright, without signs of vomiting etc.
Just a little red bump on her forehead :-P
Sorry, Demi. Mummy will be more careful next time, k? HUGS & KISSES :-*

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Grandpa turns 60!

Really cannot believe it! Another birthday?!
It is a glorious 60 years for grandpa on 15 Novemeber. Born in 1947 in a small town of Johore, Malayia. Grandpa migrated to Singapore with his dad when he was below 5 years old. According to this grandfather's story, (hehehehehe) his mum left them when he was very young and he practically grew up in the longkang (drain) :-P His hawker dad was so busy with the business that he could forget to feed this longkang boy, let alone parenting. Sound rather sad but think this was the usual fate for kids in that generation. Life was tough, period.

Nonetheless, grandpa is a happy man now, with 3 kids and 2 grandkids to call his own. Grandma is also a devoting wife who now focuses on spending quality time with him besides her daytime work. Indeed, they should enjoy the time now. Their children are all grown up and striving out on their own. Mummy just glad that they are healthy and sane :-D

All of us went to Jumbo restaurant at waterfront for dinner. This place is famous for its chili crabs. Mummy's favourite, yum yum! Frankly, it is really a feat to dine with 2 children. One will make noise after you settled the other. Spinning heads for mummy and daddy... We were so caught up with feeding & eating, we forgotten to take pictures of the yummies. FAINTZ!

Luckily there were some shots taken right before the dinner, at least served as a momento.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

If Daniel can cook, so can I ??

It was really nice of Uncle Daniel and Auntie Jennifer to invite our family to their place for dinner. Home-cooked foods!!! Yummy! For a small family like us, cooking up a meal really takes up alot of effort, both time and sweat!

Mummy bought a piggy costume from through Auntie Jennifer. It was simply amazing to see it in real life. It was so nicely done. Really glad to have gotten this for Demi. Love the piggy trots especially. hahahaha...

One more thing to note: A Big Thank U to Auntie Audrey for a great recommendation of this Seat Sack. It is simply a breeze to secure Demi on any chair with resting back. Dining out is now so baby-friendly. And better, mummy got it cheap from forum bulk purchase. Another big bear hug to Auntie Audrey...Muack, muack!!

Click on below HUG :-)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Rainy day? Go Vivocity then :)

Daddy was hoping to bring all for a swim on this sunday. Too bad, the sky was moody since morning. Time for to proceed Plan B! We dropped by Plaza Singapura to get some cloth and lace for Auntie Jenny to make new dresses for Demi. Thereafter to visit grandpa and grandma. Surprising, these folks wanted to shop at Vivocity and invited us to join them. GREAT!!! Shopping is surely an all-time-winner for mummy.

Mummy got two blouses from Forever21. Really got to thank daddy for making this possible as he took care of the two 'monsters' while I did my browsing and fitting.

All of us managed to grab some ice-cream at haagen-dazs Some yummy pictures to share with all :-D

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Flu Bug Attack

Demi greeted mummy with two nosy watery threads when I fetched her from Auntie Jenny's place. Sigh... Flu bug has attacked!! How could mummy forget to keep Demi under wrap the night before. Baby after six months tends to fall sick easier as the breastmilk intake has dropped to accomodate the introduction of solid foods.

We brought her to our family doctor few blocks away. Just too lazy to go all the way to Singapore Baby & Child Clinic (SBCC) at Ang Mo Kio. The long waiting time was also too daunting! Let's see if the medication from a usual GP work for Demi... If it is ok, daddy's pocket will have less stress. Only S$22 compared to S$80+ from SBCC :P

Saturday, October 27, 2007

What!!! Another Birthday??

Mummy's youngest brother, Uncle Denson celebrated his 25th birthday at Downtown East chalet today. It was a BBQ dinner, filled many local delights: city satay, otah, marinated chicken wings etc etc... They were only the usual BBQ stuffs. But since it was for my dear brother's party, everything was nice lah :-)

It was about 4.30pm when we reached there, after lots of errands ran (satay & cake collection etc) We were glad to know that the BBQ pit booked was really near to the chalet unit, practically next to the door :-P Though many would say this is almost certain as every unit has a pit at its door, well, it is not always so... must be grateful nevertheless...

Daddy was busy battling with the pit fire while mummy entertained Demi as this little one needed FULL attention. As for Ryan, grandpa was there for the rescue! A big kiss to grandpa!!! It is really not easy to be the playmate of a 'duracell' bunny. It is playtime on and on and ON! Sweat!

When all were almost settled, we brought Ryan to the explorerkid at Downtown East. It seems like a really fun place for kids. Learned that kid party was possible at this fun venue. This is SO MUST HAVE! Ryan, u b good boy, mummy gif u party at this playground, okie? :-D

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Demi learns to talk

Babysitter Auntie Jenny reported to mummy that Demi has been 'talking' throughout the day! Lots of 'bah, bah, bah', sound like Papa. She says 'bah' to communicate, say 'erh' to call for attention. So sweet! Too bad mummy and daddy have to miss this milestone while at work. Sigh... working parents. If not for the monetary reasons, mummy would love to be by your side, dearie...sob...sob.

Auntie Jenny was quick to capture Demi 'dancing' in her sarong cot in video. Millions of thanks to her. Mummy cannot be there but at least I get to see it too, just slightly later :-P

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Demi's first Dip in pool

Uncle Wilbert had invited us to his club for a swim on this Sunday morning. His daughter, Lisa (2 months younger than Ryan) couldn't wait to show Ryan her new skill: diving into the 1mtr pool! A proper swimming coaching could really help a child gain confidence in the water. Diving or jumping into pool is something out of Ryan's menu :P He will literally 'chicken' out, whine and scream like a chicken, I mean :-D

Well, such thing can't be forced. It will take some time for Ryan to do those proper swimmig strokes. Meanwhile, he truly enjoys playing in the water. Not too bad for a start.

As for Demi, she wore a sweet pink/purple swimming suit (a gift from Uncle Wilbert) for her first dip. Though she is a manace in her bath-tub, dipping in pool turned her into a gripping koala! Wahlaoeh!!! Funny sia.... ;P

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Unexpected surprise!

Daddy gave mummy a pleasant surprise: a nice bouquet of roses at office. It has a long while since last bouquet. Though not a special occasion (birthday/anniversary etc), it was extremely nice to receive such surprise. But it surely has to be kept at 'once-in-a blue-moon' catergory. What a waste of money! :-P
Colleagues all were concern if daddy had made a mistake or something...:-D
thus sending flowers to calm the storm. So funny ;-D

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Mini Birthday party at Childcare centre

On the actual day, 10.10.2007, we held a small birthday party for Ryan at his childcare centre, CareCorner. It was really a feat to prepare those 20 goodies bags. Just simply hate the packing part. Too labour-intensive :-P As for the cake, we got a regular size chocolate butter cream cake from Bengawang Solo. Not too big a cake, Teacher Sheila warned us. There would be 2 celebration on this same day. Gerald, from the same N1A class, would be celebrating his 4th birthday one day in advance. Could imagine the excitement in the class :-D The cake cutting part was simply hilarious. The kids were fighting for the VIP place while singing the birthday. All wanted to stand right next to or at least nearest to the cakes. As soon as the candles were blown, swinging fingers were all over the air, hoping to sample taste the yummies. Hahaha... videos of this party to be uploaded soon (provided photo-bucket is back to normal...sigh)

After which, we were all too tired to visit Sentosa as planned. Together with Demi, we ended up at IMM shopping for groceries. Ryan did have his fun anyway. He took many rides on those kiddy ani-rides. See videos...

Sigh, Ryan's birthday celebration seems like our Chinese New Year: It was a celebration that lasted a week... Wah Piang!!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Another birthday?!

Gokgok Fengrong, son of Auntie Jenny (Demi's babysitter) celebrated his 16th birthday on 08.10.07. It was not their practice to celebrate birthday, not even a cake. Just a simple red packet given from parents to signify the growing year. So, we decided to surprise him with a small cake and a round of birthday song. Ryan enjoyed the most... his favourite? Cutting birthday cake :-P

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Ryan's 4th Birthday Party

10 October fell on a wednesday. So mummy and daddy fixed on 7 October to hold a small birthday party for Ryan. It was a sunday when most guests could attend. Actually mummy did not want the hassle of holding a party at first. But it would be abrupt to stop the party tradition for Ryan as soon as his sister Demi joins our family. Well, just a small party would not hurt...

Mummy decided to have a party theme of the Thomas the Tank engine and friends. This is always Ryan's hot favourcite character. And he can talk about the adventures of Thomas and his friends for hours and hours. Ryan will be thrilled! (I hope :-P)

First thing to be done, Invitation Card. I have gotten idea from the net on the making of the invite: A Boarding Pass. It looked like a bookmark with the party details stated on both sides. Hopefully this invite (cum bookmark) can serve our little guests well as a reading partner.

Next, shopping for the goodies to be packed as party kit. Running with this Thomas train theme, I managed to get partywares like conductor cap, train whistle and tatoo from ebay singapore. Others like banners, party bag of Thomas were bought at s small gift shop at Holland village. Lots of theme partyware could be found there. Definitely going back for the next party ;-) Tibits and party lunchbox were from concourse. Finally balloons from Toys R Us. Ya, it was for a small party... Quantity had reduced but effort on preparation remained. Sweat!

Last but not least, was the food. Since only about 15 adults and 10 kids, the main items on menu were fried finger food like fries, nuggets, samosa and chicken wings. Besides the usual fried bee hoon and curry chicken, we had ordered a Delifrance dessert tray that was an instant hit with both kids and adults. For sure we would try more variety from Delifrance in the next party :-P As for the birthday cake, the authorised Thomas Train design got to be from Polar Puff. We had ordered a 1kg cake with chocolate sponge and butter cream. It tasted so yummy... Frankly, eating cake is always 'sinful' (lots of fat and sugar!) so why opt for a less tasty fresh cream? Attack the butter cream, it is really worth it :-p Hahaha...

The children enjoyed playing in Ryan's room the most. Not surprising as it was packed with tikes car ride, playhouse and many other toys. So glad to see these little guests played till their hearts content. Their beaming smiles were the best reward.

Ryan 4th birthday party

One thing to note, most of Ryan's little guests were girls :-D That made him look like a ladies man, getting all the attention :-D This 'small' party lasted from 11am till 3pm+. Mummy and daddy were really tired to the bone! Total energy drained! And Ryan was found lying flat on floor in his room, continuing his fun in dreamland... Even the 'Duracell bunny' got his 'no-battery' moment. Hahaha...

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Hair Cut

Just a simple hair cut to get ready for the party celebration :-P
Ryan loves to get his hair cut... see the videos and you would know why...
The hair stylist is such a cutie :-D Just see his concentration during the cut.
He does not want an ugly hair cut and so very still he has to keep. Hehehe...

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fancy Dress Competition

Mummy enrolled Ryan in a Fancy Dress Competition, held at Ang Mo Kio Community Centre. He had such great time running around the hall with his tigger tail. He was participating in a magic show. Could'nt stand him, he just popped up when the magician was asking for volunteer. What a brave (thick-skinned?) boy! hehehe...

Though not won any title, Ryan got himself some cute souvenirs, like scultured balloons. Enough to make him really happy. Mummy and daddy were happy too :)

Just see how Ryan tried to act like Tigger. Mummy and daddy just couldn't stop laughing. He was trying to crawl like tiger...Children!

Friday, September 28, 2007

6 month old Jab with pneumococcal vaccine

Demi was due for her 6-month vaccination. Got her jab for pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccine. So both her 'thunder-thighs' were jab this time. Managed to let out a short cry when jab at the second time. Only took a short pat to calm down. Way to go, Demi... Thanks to your super thick skin. :-D Luckily she totally enjoyed her rotavirus vaccine (orally fed). She made it seem so tasty. Greedy girl.

A stopover at MacDonald Queensway Shopping Center for quick bite. Daddy got to get himself a 40 litre haversack there. See Demi performed stunts in her baby chair: breakdancing in limited space. Hahaha...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A very wet day at Zoo

Uncle Wilbert (mummy's boss) warmly invited our family to join his to the Singapore Zoo. The weather was fine at first when all were met and gathered at the park entrance. Alas, the sky started to pour on us when we made it through the gate. How frustrating! Ryan was the saddest of all as such weather would not commence any animal feeding session, especially to his favourite animal, elephants. Luckily, he had Lisa and Peter (Uncle Wilbert's 2 precious) around to keep him busy :)

Since the park was mostly unsheltered (for that nature, wild theme), all of us went to the playland for hiding. The children had so much fun at the Bubble Center. So glad to be at the zoo despite the wet weather ...

Lisa 'swimming' in bubble balls pool. Totally enjoying!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wedding Dinner at Holiday Inn Park View

Our family was invited to a wedding dinner of daddy's cousin, Trevor at Holiday Inn Park View. It was on a working day (Friday). Though knocking off early than usual, Daddy and mummy got to rush like mad from office to office, then to care center and babysitter's place, and back home for dressing up and along the way, rush to fetch grandma too. Traffic at CTE to town on a friday evening was madness too. Phew! We were lucky to reach the event at 8 pm, after trapping at traffic jam for an hour.

One thing to mention, Demi's sitter, Jenny is the nicest carer we have ever come across. She truely cares for Demi, giving her the best she could offer. She made Demi a party dress specially for this dinner. It is so nicely done, everyone at the dinner sang praises and amazed at how fine the workmanship is. Thanks, Jenny! Many many hugs and kisses from all of us :-*

The food served was above average and the settings were really romantic. (with lots of fresh rose petals) But one killer, SUPER SLOW SERVING of each dish. It was 12.30 in the morning when we finally got home. Mad Mad Madness!!

All slept till 10am the next day, including Demi... It is simply too tiring!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hey Pretty, nice flip :-)

Babysitter Jenny mentions that Demi has learned to 'roll-over'! Just can't wait to tape it down for all to see. Isn't it amazing how parenthood can make such baby act seem like a big milestone... only a parent would understand and appreciate the exhilarating feeling.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Life with two kids is really challenging. Mummy needs to find more money my two precious. Really wish to afford all the best stuffs of everything for them. Just like Lo'real slogan: You're worth it! My babies surely worth every bite... oops, bit, I mean. This is the sentiment of all parents in the world!!

Hopefully this is the answer to my prayers. If so, this is truly a cashcow hobby! Moo...mooo
Blog (with pleasure) and earn money (more pleasure!) :P

So friends, click on above picture to find more. - Blog Advertising in Asia!

Well, by doing so you may be helping Ryan and Demi grow more money in their piggy bank :-D
Hahahaha... Thank U in advance hor :-D

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Daddy's Birthday!

We celebrated daddy's 35th birthday on 11/Sept/2007 Tuesday with a Superman Cake from Bengawang Solo. It was a fresh cream, vanilla sponge cake with fresh mangoes filling. Really Yummy!! Ryan kept saying, "Yum Yum, Lelicious!"
Demi got to eat a tiny bit of the cake too :-P Hehehe... Look at her smile, she simply loves it!!

To daddy,
Thanks for making our beds, preparing our work/school bags, helping Ryan bathe and dress, changing Demi's diaper and clothes every morning. Also thanks for vacumming, mopping the floor, doing the laundry and cleaning and loving Kiki & Pearly.

Happy Birthday, Daddy

Ryan, Demi and Mummy love you. :-*
(oops, not forgeting, Kiki & Pearly love U too)

You Are Our Superman!


Monday, September 10, 2007

Malay Wedding

We received an invitation from our 12th floor neighbour to a wedding lunch of their daughter, Norlizah. It was a grand event held at our block void deck. Nice setting in royal purple and pure white. How romantic!

Ryan had tried his very first Biryani rice and enjoyed chicken satay the most! He was practically munching away in the whole event. Paisay sia :-P

Demi's charm was in full force at the luncheon as all the aunties and uncles gathered around, waiting for a chance to carry her :P This mummy is super proud mann :-D At first, I was worried that the crowd might be too overwhelming. Well, mummy was wrong. Demi enjoyed the attention alot and rewarded all with her megawatt smile.

This certainly put my mind at ease cos there is a wedding dinner at this month-end. Hopefully she is as cheerful too (fingercrossed).

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Trip and fall, kiss the ground :P

Childcare centre called to inform Ryan has fallen flat on his face! Gosh, mummy's heart skipped a beat... He is lucky to get off with slight bruises on his knee and lip. Overall, Ryan is fine, no vomiting or whatsoever.

This is his usual dosage of pain, I guess. He is always moving, I mean, physically in motion. Ryan is obedient enough to serve his punishment: stand at a corner to cool-off. But though his body is 'freezed', his fingers are dancing away (as if playing the piano/keyboard). Is it a kind of sickness? Not too sure if this classifies as Hyperactive or just plain cheeky...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Demi holds her bottle :-)

Demi has a NEW hobby: Grabbing bottle, handkerchief, spoon etc and send them right to her mouth! It is hilarious to see when she misses her aim and ends up poking at her cheeks, nose and everywhere instead. Think FOOD is Demi's main driving force now as she will not leave any plastic bag, utensils (within her reach)unturned. Just to see if there are yummy stuffs in them. Well, all these are mummy's guess.. Hehehe.

Daddy just collected Demi's personalized custom-design foot imprints portrait(by Best Imprezzione) from KK Hospital. It is really nicely made. So glad we have gotten it done. At S$179, it is considered rather expensive and thus Ryan didn't get his made at that time.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Shh...No License!!

We met up with a friend, Jiejie Loan from Switzerland at Toa Payoh. Only realised it was a big mistake to walk past Crystal Jade restaurant when something caught Ryan's eyes: electrical toy car/bike ride. It was going at S$3 per 15 min per ride. Rather expensive to stingy Mummy. However it's every mum's wish to put a smile on her child's face, Ryan got to enjoy one 'bike ride' :P

You may be curious what Ryan was looking at while riding dangerously(w/o looking where he was going).(see video)
He, put on a show-biz smile, was waiting to have his photo taken. HAHAHAHAHA
Super vain for a boy :P Well, with this showy factor, Ryan may develop to be the next Singapore Idol, who knows :D (wishful thinking)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Demi's hair shaving tremor

Finally, got the videos loaded as desired. Daddy took them with his HOT favourite gadget,Nokia N95. Yes, the videos are in bigger pixels and great sound... But they are in such BIG file and loading to the net is almost impossible!!! WHAT TO DO???

Alas, these videos have to be compressed and edited to be net-friendly :( So much about the great resolution and blah :P So folks, don't expect them to be in fantastic clarity then.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Demi's First Hair Shave

Alas, mummy & daddy decided to go ahead and bring Demi for her first hair shave. Many have voiced their dismay as her curly locks were so fine and smooth. But this was the only option as at back of her head had almost turn bald due to her constant pulling, for fun or frustration, unknown. Her dense crown looked more like a wig and definitely not nice anymore :(

Mummy tries to upload the video taken during the shave. Very painstakingly taken :P
Somehow, I need more time to figure out on solving the prompting errors...
Anyway, we do have pictures of Demi's new hair (or no-hair) style :)

By the way, Demi has started to hold her bottle during feeding. Mummy is so proud ;)
(for the time being, a must-have accessory for Demi: cap/hat)