Tuesday, March 31, 2009

House-warming with the Gang

Thousands apologies, folks. Really got so lazy to blog as mummy is now addicted to a time-consuming hobby: Online screening :P Mummy's favourite Korean drama has just drawn up the curtains. Alas, life has finally returned to its normal pace... I feel that the drama is captivating as it is a near-impossible modern fairy tale that everyone would love to experience it. OK, it is lame. Rather old and tacky for an auntie like me. Well, mummy is still a young girl at heart. hahahahahahaha.... ;D

OK! To start the rusty ball rolling, shall upload some pictures taken during the MIA period. We had a house-warming gathering with the old Gang from Idobaby. Our best memory was that big plate Yu-Sheng. A belated BIG thank U to you gang for the presents and presence :)Your visit had made our new nest very warm indeed!!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bear and Chicken Go Camping

The childcare centre, My First Skool had organised a field trip to DBS Arts Centre for a skit entitled, Bear & Chicken Go Camping

The school did a good job arranging brand-new-smelling coach bus for the kiddos. Though only one parent was allowed per student, both mummy and daddy could get to go since our two monsters were in the same school :P Every seat came with a safety belt. The teachers made sure everyone was buckled up. Mummy got to use Barney's buckle up song to coax Demi to do the same. Else she would be the girl version of Humpty Dumpty :P

It was a complete chaos when we eventually reached the DBS Arts Centre. There were children from other schools as well. Mummy was secretly glad that the school uniform was in deep red & blue. It really stood up in crowd, like a sore thumb :P Before going into the theatre, everyone was made to visit the loo, just in case (of 'wet event') As usual, the queue for the girl toilets was unimaginably long :D For once, mummy was glad Demi was still in her diaper. hahaha..

The show was entertaining and funny. Even daddy managed to crack a few laughter.
After the skit, the teachers led all to the walkng pavement along the Singapore river (next to Arts Centre) and set up picnic areas. Children were given fish burgers and apples as light lunch. Too bad the weather was rather unkind. It started to rain almost as soon as the children were all settled down. Sigh... alas, all board, the coach bus, i mean :P

Pictures for all now...