Monday, July 28, 2008

That's Something About Demi :D

Demi's curly hair has grown longer, slightly enough for 2 tiny pony-tails :)
Thanks to my genes, her mane is usually messy as these locks will never be in place, obediently :P So it is always a bad hair day for Demi. ROFL ROFL
You may sugguest tying or clipping to keep the hair neat. But this itchy-hand gal will always rip up any 'construction' on her head. Alas, the result is a messier look. CRAZY!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Chong Pang Baby Show 2008

Demi has won a consolation prize in the Healthy Baby Show 2008, held at Chong Pang Community Centre. There were about 40 babies competing in the category of 12 month-18 month old. So glad that she was selected as one of the 10 winners, including top 3 winners. 
Like what Auntie Jenny said, at least my enrolment fee of S$15 is worthwhile. ROFL!!

The winners were selected based on the development of the baby. They were tested using coloured storybook, wooden blocks, stackable bowls and other toys meant for brain development. Demi was asked to demo her walking capability and show off her almost-full-set teeth. At one time, Demi refused to flip the book as she wanted to have that bag of raisins instead. Maybe that's why she had some marks deducted :P

Anyway, mummy glad that this is all over and hope not to have any of this time-consuming competition again. From 8.30am to 1.00pm, this is simply crazy!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More pic???

Sorry folks. We are so busy with the nesting problem. Simply too tired to blog these days. Thinking to start another private blog on the nest battle. Anyone interested? Leave a tag, I'll add your email address in the list :)

Monday, July 14, 2008

More pictures in :)

Finally got the last batch of photo shots taken at the Cover Looks. Glad that mummy decided to develop these extra pictures. Though got to pay a small premium, it is worth the $$$ as such moments may never come by. Children grow and change everyday. Capturing the 'moment' is soooo important. Cover Looks really knows how to earn $$$ :P

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hurray!!! Thomas the Tank Engine is here!!

Ryan is going crazy for this show. Mummy ordered the tickets as soon as the sales was out, of course, on daddy's account. THANKS DADDY :-*

Managed to get a good seating: AA2, Row B. But the row is having a floor seating. Sigh, got to bring a cushion along, I think. But this is the nearest to Thomas, and hopefully, best for Ryan and Demi... Oh ya, Demi is below 2 and she gets to go in FREE :)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Look who's walking???

Mummy and daddy are too busy and tired to make any blog update. Just keep it going with lots of pictures and if possible, videos :P This clip was taken on Father's Day, after a family dinner at Earl's Swenson T3. Demi really enjoys walking these days. She must have felt very 'free-spirited', i.e. to be able to explore where she actually wants to be, on her own feet :D But somehow her newly found assets (feet) are not too co-operative. Just look at her swaying walk. Every minute spells trouble and pain. ROFL. Well, all kids are going through this phase. Don't say mummy too stone-hearted when seeing this piggy falls. ROFL ROFL come one, let mummy laughs it out first, OK? hahahahahaha... look out for Demi's walking style: folding in her arms, like quacking duck :P or like aka old granny walk. OMG!! hehehehehehe

Oops, not forgetting Ryan who got jealous and angry when the shot was not on him. Vain Pot.... ROFL ROFL