Friday, December 26, 2008

Demi's growing up :)

It has been a long while since the last proper update on Demi's tremendous growth. To date she is about 21 month old. It has been a month since she first started 'school' at the childcare centre. Demi is fast adapting to the new environment. After a week of yelling and heart-tearing goodbyes, she now waves sweetly to us and make herself comfy at the play area. We feel that it is a sign of growing up and inevitably our sign of aging :P Being parents is never an easy task. It takes lots of physical effort and emotional turmoils >_<

We have taken a short video clip of Demi gearing up for school. It was taken from our home to the carpark, with a playground along the way. Demi refused to let anyone help her with the big 'school' bag (containing her change of clothing, diapers & milk powder)and demanded to help mummy carry her books :P But as soon as Demi caught sight of the playground, all stuffs were 'dumped' and off she went to the new found paradise! hehehe...

Demi going to school

This video was taken in Demi's yet messy bedroom. The clusters were not stopping her to try out the play slide. Really a playful girl by nature!

Demi playing slide

This video should be a classic to us. Demi always loves to eat on her own. Spoon-feeding is never her favourite. We suppose self-feeding gives her a sense of freedom :P Demi was caught fishing out those bean sprouts from her bowl of rice :D Best of all, she left those unwanted vegetable on mummy's plate instead. See her shaking head when she found those 'yucky' vege :P Hilarious!

Demi eating on her own

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mirabel :)

We were invited to Mirabel's 3rd birthday. Thanks to Auntie Wendy & Uncle Mike! It was great as mummy had not seen the rest of the mummy gang for such a long time :P Though it was a birthday party, Ryan and Demi had received their first x'mas presents of the year from Auntie Elaine! Thanks a Million!!

Daddy used his NEW TOY Canon EOS 1000D for the occasion. Still a new user of DSLR, daddy took every opportunity to practise his skill. And here we have a slideshow of pictures taken during the party...