Sunday, June 29, 2008

Strike a POSE!!

Cover Looks called to inform that the kiddos' pictures were ready for collection. Mummy developed another 4 shoots upon collection of these pictures. Really could not resist the impulse :P Got to wait for another week for the new batch of photos. Meanwhile, to share with all...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Simply love to take pictures, come shoot me :P

Some pictures of Ryan taken recently to satisfy his vain thirst for attention :P This boy loves to have his pictures/videos taken. As long as the lime light is on him, he will pose and act for all. If it is otherwise, he will roar and puurr to get it. Serious attention seeking... ROFL

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Snake in a sack???

Mummy took a couple of pictures of Demi's sleeping style :P Do you realise Demi should be sleeping with her head on the other side of the sarong cradle? She must have waken up in middle of the night and flipped to sleep on the opposite end. Not to worry, mummy has secured the ends to prevent flipping falls :P Since birth, Demi can sleep through the night without making a fuss. She is one PIG sleeper. Mummy is so lucky (fingers-crossed)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th....

Ryan's care centre had been closed for Teachers' Training since Thursday. Daddy first took leave to 'baby-sit' Ryan. Mummy would cover the black Friday.

It is rather inconvenient for daddy to take annual leave as such days he has to return the company van to his office at Ayer Rajah. Afterward will be a long journey back home via bus and train. And by late noon, he will return to office to collect the van. So technically, a full day leave would leave him 'free' for only half a day. Sigh... with a rising cost of petrol and any other things else, having to use a company van is already a big benefit. We should not be complaining...

Since it was a routine to start the off-day from Ayer Rajah, daddy brought Ryan to Jurong East swimming complex. It was packed with exciting facilities like: Lazy River, Water Slides, Jacuzzi and Bubble Jet Station. It should be named the watery heaven for kids. Ryan enjoyed himself totally. Later they had KFC for lunch (so envious... :S ) and headed to National Library at Jurong Town Hall... for reading? :P Nope, for a short nap that Ryan so well-deserved. ROFL...

Next, they visited the waterworks at Singapore Science Centre for another hour of water fun. Wow... Daddy sure pampered Ryan to the bone :P (mummy also want...doncare...i wan...)

Mummy took over on the Black Friday. But I was too lazy to travel from place to place under such hot weather :P To me, anything aircon, I'd be fine. So we went for a movie instead. Mummy brought JieJie Lezanne (Auntie Jenny's daughter) along. When mummy thought I had make a brilliant move (to the movie), these 2 kids made at least 4 toilet trips during the show. FAINTZZZZ... auntie, I wan go toilet..... mummy, i wan go shishi... >_<

Next thing for sure, mummy headed home straight... I got to rest my head :P

Is it the end? NOPE, mummy had made an appointment with Cover Looks to take shots of Ryan and Demi. Especially Demi so as to enrol in the Cover Kids competition organised by Young Parents magazine. And we 'chiong' from Yishun all the way to Bukit Batok via bus and train. Most importantly, mummy geared with a mom-in-mind sling which made carrying a baby and grabbing a crazy pre-schooler at the same time possible. Phew! My efforts were well worth as the pictures turned out really great!

Shall post them as soon as they are collected... Meanwhile, it is a waiting game...

Friday, June 6, 2008

Demi's Bad Hair Day :P

Demi has curly hair since birth. Should be inherited from mummy as I have had curly hair when at birth (but slowly straightened after full-month shave). And we thought these curls would thus be 'straightened' after a complete shave.

Alas, from the pictures, you can see these curls are here to stay... They greet us every morning, with FULL salute. ROFL ROFL...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm Yours

Mummy's best pal from Germany, Auntie Christin shared this with me recently. It is too nice not to share with all. Really a great song for this hot hot summer :)

Song lyrics | I'm Yours lyrics

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Demi's walking!!

Mummy is really busy these days. Lots of challenges at work, with friends and of course, on Ryan's behaviour at school. So much so that there is no update on Demi's latest achievement: walking without support.

Demi took her first walk (more than 4 steps) at our monthly discussion meeting on 24 May 2008. As all of us sat in circles, Demi found herself in central attraction at the heart of circle. Initially she crawled and walked with support (with the help of aunties and uncles) around the circle. Then she took us by surprise by letting go of the hands and started walking in small steps! Lots of wow & ah, of course! She got more encouraged and continued to walk on her own despite many small falls. WahKao! So Teochiew! hehehehehehhehehehhehehehehehhehehehehe.....

Shall upload the video soon.

Meanwhile, Ryan got his good-boy-chop on monday and tuesday... Improvement... ;)