Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Successful Enrollment!!!

HURRAY!!! Ryan has successfully allocated a place in West Grove Primary School :D
Mummy's heart sunk when the P1 registration required ballot after receiving 256 application for a mere 94 vacancies.

Both mummy and daddy reported at the school at 8am this morning. We were guided to the Assembly Hall where the balloting would be held. There were about 200 or more hopeful parents. Everyone was nervous, mummy could tell 'cos I was definitely one of them :P Before the actual 'lucky draw', 9 parents from the audience volunteered to be the 'picker' of the balloting. Then cards of name of each applicants were read out while shown on projection and thrown into a clear box. After the verification, the volunteers took their lucky pick. You could imagine our anxiety when the number started to shrink from 94, 93, 92....

We could not believe our eyes when Ryan's name was shown on projection after 60+ names were announced! What a relief!!! It is really no joke to withstand such intense pressure. Fortunately, this would be our last since Demi could enrol with sibiling priority.

Next on the list, before/after school care centre registration. There are about 7 such centres around the proximity of this school. Mummy needs to check them out one by one. sigh... more work to be done...