Thursday, January 31, 2008

Demi's first NIKE :D

On a happier note, mummy bought Demi her first pair of Nike shoes! The design is so sweet and if you can see the strange part, only one shoe has the signature tick :P

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Skinny Ryan :(

After one week of tormenting stomach flu, Ryan really loses alot of mass. Though his weight is still 18 kgs +/-, his pointed chin annouces to all that, RYAN SKINNY LAMB. Sigh, hopeful he will gain some mass over the chinese lunar new year.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ugly sunglasses :P

Ok, this ugly sunglasses have been exchanged to a pair of Ciba Vision contact lens. But the lens can only be available after the lunar new year. It will be a belated present then :P

A birthday present for myself

This was the breakfast me cooked for myself as bday present... OK, I did prepare daddy and Ryan's shares. It still brings the pain when I see this picture... d*mn it! >_<

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Worst Birthday Ever!

Initially Auntie Jenny supposed to babysit both Ryan and Demi on the whole saturday so that mummy and daddy could be out celebrating my birthday. Unfortunately she had an urgent commitment and the kiddos had to stick with us. OK...Plan B :(

Nevertheless, we could always celebrate it at our very own home. It would be nice to cook up sumptous meals and enjoy them at the comfort of home. No table manner to be observed as kiddos could make noise or a mess. No embarassment :P

So we bought all the ingredients on the day before. ALl our favourites. Really looking forward to the day. Or so I thought...

Daddy had to spoil the mood at the strike of twelve. He dumped an unwrapped box on the bed for me. How 'romantic'! What the heck, at least he bothered. No excitement at all since the box was totally not secured. Opened the cover, it was a Gucci sunglasses. To some might think, WOW, GUCCI leh. So nice!
But folks, this was a super AUNTIE design sunglasses with the G logos on both sides. And this cost $300! FAINTZ FAINTZ FAINTZ

My heart broken into pieces. This was not what I expected or needed. Actually I would rather have no gift but a special day he would plan for me. Sorry that I did not hide my disappointment at all. Cool, mummy. Daddy just dumb. He would try his best to make it better. Or so I thought...

It was morning and I was waiting for his remedy to save the day. Nothing happened. He watched cartoons with kiddos and pretended nothing had happened. Well, my tummy could not wait. I got to cook and feed myself.

Thickened my skin, I asked for my birthday cake. Days ago I had told him that I would love to have my own birthday cake. I had never really have one, usually those off the shelf. And many times, I had none. So this year I would love to have one ordered just for me.

That's my last hope... But he said he had no time to order it. sorry.

No lunch. Dinner at macdonald's. The end.

Advice to all: Take the money and get your own gift. Most men are just too dumb.


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Peace has returned!

Confirmed, Stamped. Ryan has recovered.

No more vomiting, no more fever and whining. Ryan is back to his own cheeky self but with alot less mass. His hamster cheeks have vanished, giving him a pointed chin. Poor boy :( Mummy is actually happy to see his notti self again. This kid is healthy again.

Mummy's stomach flu gets better too. No more 'chionging' loo and bloated stomach. Really got to take good care of the health. Or else the coming Chinese Lunar New Year will be an 'eye' event : can see, cannot eat! FAINTZ

Ryan's school bag is all packed and ready. He is going to school tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Expensive medication works!

Could not believe it :O Granny reported that Ryan was jumping on sofa and bed and even attempted to climb on her metal gate! Sure this kid was the same one lying on bed like a dead fish days ago? Gosh! Expensive medication did work like a deity antidote! Ryan's appetite returned too. He had been asking for more serving of porridge but smart granny talked him out, saying he had just recovered and might puke if too much intake at one go.

On the other hand, Carecorner called to ask about Ryan's condition and informed mummy that there were a few more cases of stomach flu in the school. Sigh! Think got to let Ryan home-bound for this week :(

The initial plan was to let Ryan stay at Granny's place till Friday. However, with Ryan back to his notti self, he irritated Grandpa and Uncle Denson. So much so that Uncle Denson called mummy to get him out of their sight. Sigh... No choice. worse come to worst, let Ryan goes back to school then...

Fortunately, granny volunteered (again) to babysit Ryan at our own home, away from the two hard-to-please grandpa and uncle. Hahaha... But this also mean granny got to be at our place at 7am. Wow, that is so early! Thanks, granny!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mummy's down too :(

The stomach virus hit mummy too! Though taken one day MC at home, I got to care for the whine-prince, Ryan too :( Ryan was off school since monday as he could not take any food yet. He would vomit even only plain water was given. SIAO!!! Seeing him lying lifelessly on bed really pained mummy's heart. But what to do? Mummy was as sick :P

Brought Ryan to Singapore Baby & Child clinic at Ang Mo Kio in the evening. Dr Phua prescribed a stronger medication. Hopefully I could see result very soon. Meanwhile, going to child care center was out of the question. Fortunately granny volunteered to babysit Ryan for this week. This was a life-saver as mummy and daddy could not afford any more leave or MC. Work had been piling like mountain. Sigh...

Missing Ryan already...

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Heat continues...

Ryan spent the whole weekend lying on bed. Fever came on and off. He could hardly eat. Think the bloating stomach made him full the whole day. Temperature hit the highest at 39.2 degree C just before bedtime on saturday. Gave him a stronger fever medicine. Fortunately he sweated out by 1am and temperature came back to 36.4 degree C. Daddy was thinking if by then the heat continued to linger, Ryan got to be sent to the hospital!

As for Demi, she got so much better on Sunday. She was back to usual active self. Just got to separate her from Ryan. the sickly chap :-P Also, she could call, gorgor to Ryan! At least something pleasant for this weekend :-)

Meanwhile mummy got her stomachache throughout the nights. Sigh! This virus is sure a tough one!! Daddy was feeling some discomfort too. FAINTZZ...

Friday, January 18, 2008

Ryan's turn :(

Carecorner called at noon, informed mummy that Ryan had thrown out his lunch. No fever at the moment but he sure looked restless. Sigh... this is one super virus! Spreading fast in our family. Friday is always a busy day for mummy. Daddy is out at site in Tuas. No chance to fetch him back early. Sorry, Ryan. Got to come fetch you at usual knock-off time...

Update more later...

Mummy knocked off at 4pm, simply could not wait till the usual 6pm. Teacher from CareCorner called to inform that Ryan had puked again. This time he was wailing for mummy. How Sad! :( No choice. Got to go. Daddy was still at work site at Tuas. Mummy got to go...

Took Ryan to our family doctor and was given medication for stomach flu and fever. She even prescribed a supportory tablet to be inserted should the fever go out of hand. Temperature: 38.8 degree celsius.

Ryan hit the sack as soon as the medication was given. He slept for 2 hours before the dinner was served. Only soupy porridge was allowed. By then the fever was fading off and Ryan could swallow his dinner, not much but at least some...

Ryan threw up! After 1 hour later. Mummy got to clean the mess. Worst of all, he threw up at the carpet. FAINTZZ Daddy still not back from work... Only until 10pm+ could he make it home.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Virus attack!!

Got a call from Auntie Jenny just before lunch. Demi was feeling feverish again :( This time bad cough and runny nose had returned too. Seems like it was a bad flu and the usual GP medication could not 'kill' it by the root. Mummy made an last mintue appointment with Dr Veronica Toh at Raffles Hospital on the same day afternoon. Really grateful that Boss Wilbert gave the go-ahead for this urgent leave application, without even asked why.

Demi gave me that come-sayang-me look when mummy arrived at Auntie Jenny's place. Gosh, she got such rosy cheeks! The heat got to be quite high then :( It was fortunately a smooth ride via the MRT from Yishun to Bugis station. Demi was alert and was self-entertaining herself with a pacifier. We were also lucky to be offered a seat. Else with this long distance, mummy's back was sure to 'break' :P

At the Children's Centre at Raffles Hospital, we got to wait for our turn after those with appointment. Reached there at 2.15pm and out by 4.15pm. Faintz!! Dr Toh mentioned that Demi was having a virus attack. She needed antibiotics to clear the infection or the temperature would not improve. Total 5 types of medication for the cough/phlegm, runny nose and protection of the wind pipe. Bill: S$146.50 FAINTZZ...

Just like Agent Smith said, this is inevitable. Though feeling unwell, Demi could still sleep through the night without stir. She is truely a 'Pig' :P

Sigh... Praying hard for Demi's speedy recovery...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Shanghai Surprise!

Daddy took some pictures at Shanghai and commented the foods were rather unsuitable for him. Either too oily or too blend :P Also, after many reports about food scare, he was really worried if the meat served was really what they claimed to be. FAINTZ! So, he brought nothing home from there. No usual local tibits... :( Furthermore the cost of living there is really high. Some of the items cost almost the same as in Singapore! Actually mummy wants nothing from there, so no loss for me either :P

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Back to Sanity :P

Daddy is back! A big relief to mummy... Phew!!
Everyone is glad to have the sanity back. Think even Kiki and Pearly are happy to see their daddy is back, so are their yummy treats :P (mummy hardly gives them treats)

Daddy's flight landed at Changi Airport newest terminal, T3. Mummy and kiddos took Bus no. 858 from Yishun and reached the new terminal in about 30 minutes. That was really fast and economical. T3 is packed with lots of interesting restaurants and shops. Mummy managed to grab my favourite Huober pretzels from Candy Empire.

All back to normal, sanity has returned, phew!

Friday, January 11, 2008

The battle is ending soon, Yippee!

Mummy brought Demi for doctor consultation again to get medication for cough and runny nose. Auntie Jenny had informed that Demi could not drink well. It might be due to the sore throat, she suspected. Actually mummy was almost at breaking point. Got to clear those poos and mess left by Kiki and Pearly (They broke free from their playpen). Mummy got to practically sanitise the whole living room and kitchen. What a mess!!! Then followed by Ryan's bath time. All done at such high speed as the clinic was closing soon. On a empty stomach, you have a crazy and angry woman here :P

In the mist of this madness, Auntie Jenny volunteered to babysit Demi through the night so that I could rest well. Her touching words, Never mind lah, tomorrow night (friday) I can sleep until next day noon cos saturday liao mah! Hahaha...
Oh my, isn't she an angel? My mum may not even do that...Mummy is tearing...

Though back home without Demi, mummy could not tuck in early. Why? Ryan ran out of cleaned school uniforms tomorrow!!! Madness!! Mummy got to do the laundry and specially 'aircon-dry' the uniforms through the night. What a shame :P
Really missed you so much, daddy! Bet you've no gut to say if there is any delay of flight. Sure to skin you!! >_<

Reminded Ryan to behave in classes. The latest feedback was quite good. Though needed quite abit of reminder, Ryan's behaviour had improved. Fingers-crossed.

Daddy... see you tomorrow. HUGZ!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The heat is ON :(

Babysitter Jenny called to inform that Demi was feeling feverish and didn't take much milk or porridge. She took the initiative to feed her some fever medicine but advised me to bring her for doctor consultation after my work.

Sigh! Such things always happen when daddy is not around. He is off to Shanghai for a seminar till 12 January. As soon as daddy set off, mummy is stuck with a runny nose. Now, Demi's turn. FAINTZ!

Doctor commented that since there were no rashes or infection in her throat, Demi might be having a sympton called, fake measles. This is like having fever on and off for four days, with no cough or running nose, and eventually some rashes break out. Sound scary! Well, we can only wait and monitor as we go.

Demi did get better after the medication. She could finish 180ml of expressed milk. After she was crawling around like usual. She hit the sack at 10pm, woke up twice in the night. Luckily she fell back to slumberland as soon as mummy switched on the automated sarong cot. Heng!!! Technology, mummy loves U :-P

The battle continues...

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Corrective work-in-progress :P

Another teacher commented that Ryan had refused to visit the toilet before nap. Excuse: He had already cleared the tide. But teacher had insisted since Ryan has the tendency to wet his bed every now and then :P Well, tug of war again... Sigh...

She also mentioned that Ryan could not sit through her short lesson. He was easily influenced by other kids who were running around the class. So, it was like, people run, he run lor. FAINTZ...

To stay consistant, mummy made Ryan stand-by-gate again before dinner and bath. bawling and begging as usual. Sigh, it really pains mummy's heart to do that. But I got to do something, or else his bad behaviour will escalate!

I must persist on! Let's see if Ryan improve afterall... Praying hard!

Monday, January 7, 2008

Complaint from teacher >_<

Mummy managed to meet Ryan's K1 form teacher for the first time today. First greeting: Mrs Teo, can I speak to you for a moment? (didn't sound pleasant at all :p)

Teacher: Mrs Teo, I need your help. Ryan has behaviour problem in class. He loves to cry. When he beats people, can. When people beat him back, he cannot.

Mummy: Have you tried to discipline him? Like a notti-corner or something? His previous teacher has handled him quite well. You may want to talk Teacher XX (she has been transfered to a new centre)

Teacher: I know. But he is not a N2 anymore, you know. He cannot behave like one. Also, I got no time to handle him alone. To be fair, I need to spend my time on other kids also. He also likes to run around during class. I asked him to write, he will write half way and start to run around to disturb others.

Mummy: How do you want me to help?

Teacher: You can help teach him to behave lah. He is already K1, cannot behave like a N2.

Mummy: Ok, I'll try.

Frankly, I was already boiling mad inside after the conversation. It is undeniable that Ryan is playful and can be a handful to handle. But how a child behave in the class should be the teacher's responsibility, isn't it? I can only warn and remind him of the preferred behaviour. During class, the teacher has to set and enforce her class rules, not the parents! What does she want me to do? Join her class with a cane on my hand, sit besides Ryan???

'Best' part is when she mentioned she got no time to handle this wild kid cos she needs to spend her time on others. Of course! I'm not paying for a one-to-one class. But at the least bit, she should HANDLE her class as a whole, just like what other teachers have done. Cannot understand why all previous teachers have no such problem but her. SO MADDENING!

Also, Ryan has turned 4 years old a couple of months ago. In term of development, he is practically still a Nursery toddler! Her constant mention that Ryan is a K1, not N2 anymore, really pissed me off! What Attitute!!!

Anyway, mummy never let Ryan off so easily. Ryan was made to stand at door gate for a whole hour before he was allowed for dinner and bath. Then he continued the isolation in the house near the gate. Well, lots of bawling and begging expected. But mummy insisted and Ryan did manage to complete the timed-out.

After, Ryan was drilled in with these 2 procodures:
1) should the classmates push or hit him, cannot retaliate. Run to teacher and inform her of the 'disturbance'.
2) during lesson time, must sit down and finish the worksheet. cannot run around.

Mummy made him repeat and enact the procedures many times. Hopefully he could response in the preferred way. Sigh! Really, what can a parent do to make such young kid behave in class when the parent him/herself is not at the place to monitor?
Am I wrong to think that this should be the teacher's responsibilty?
This is my first time... please, anyone can enlighten me?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Demi's crawling!!

There is a saying that girls usually develop faster than boys. It is so true when come to Demi. She is crawling at 9 month old! Don't know about other kids, she is definitely much faster than Ryan. There are many attempts to walk with support. Mummy can foresee this is one active girl :-)