Thursday, August 30, 2007

Trip and fall, kiss the ground :P

Childcare centre called to inform Ryan has fallen flat on his face! Gosh, mummy's heart skipped a beat... He is lucky to get off with slight bruises on his knee and lip. Overall, Ryan is fine, no vomiting or whatsoever.

This is his usual dosage of pain, I guess. He is always moving, I mean, physically in motion. Ryan is obedient enough to serve his punishment: stand at a corner to cool-off. But though his body is 'freezed', his fingers are dancing away (as if playing the piano/keyboard). Is it a kind of sickness? Not too sure if this classifies as Hyperactive or just plain cheeky...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Demi holds her bottle :-)

Demi has a NEW hobby: Grabbing bottle, handkerchief, spoon etc and send them right to her mouth! It is hilarious to see when she misses her aim and ends up poking at her cheeks, nose and everywhere instead. Think FOOD is Demi's main driving force now as she will not leave any plastic bag, utensils (within her reach)unturned. Just to see if there are yummy stuffs in them. Well, all these are mummy's guess.. Hehehe.

Daddy just collected Demi's personalized custom-design foot imprints portrait(by Best Imprezzione) from KK Hospital. It is really nicely made. So glad we have gotten it done. At S$179, it is considered rather expensive and thus Ryan didn't get his made at that time.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Shh...No License!!

We met up with a friend, Jiejie Loan from Switzerland at Toa Payoh. Only realised it was a big mistake to walk past Crystal Jade restaurant when something caught Ryan's eyes: electrical toy car/bike ride. It was going at S$3 per 15 min per ride. Rather expensive to stingy Mummy. However it's every mum's wish to put a smile on her child's face, Ryan got to enjoy one 'bike ride' :P

You may be curious what Ryan was looking at while riding dangerously(w/o looking where he was going).(see video)
He, put on a show-biz smile, was waiting to have his photo taken. HAHAHAHAHA
Super vain for a boy :P Well, with this showy factor, Ryan may develop to be the next Singapore Idol, who knows :D (wishful thinking)

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Demi's hair shaving tremor

Finally, got the videos loaded as desired. Daddy took them with his HOT favourite gadget,Nokia N95. Yes, the videos are in bigger pixels and great sound... But they are in such BIG file and loading to the net is almost impossible!!! WHAT TO DO???

Alas, these videos have to be compressed and edited to be net-friendly :( So much about the great resolution and blah :P So folks, don't expect them to be in fantastic clarity then.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Demi's First Hair Shave

Alas, mummy & daddy decided to go ahead and bring Demi for her first hair shave. Many have voiced their dismay as her curly locks were so fine and smooth. But this was the only option as at back of her head had almost turn bald due to her constant pulling, for fun or frustration, unknown. Her dense crown looked more like a wig and definitely not nice anymore :(

Mummy tries to upload the video taken during the shave. Very painstakingly taken :P
Somehow, I need more time to figure out on solving the prompting errors...
Anyway, we do have pictures of Demi's new hair (or no-hair) style :)

By the way, Demi has started to hold her bottle during feeding. Mummy is so proud ;)
(for the time being, a must-have accessory for Demi: cap/hat)

Friday, August 17, 2007

HFMD suspected!!

Carecorner called to inform that Ryan was found with 2 mouth ulcers!
We were advised to bring him to the doctor as soon as possible :( Meanwhile, he was kept in teacher's room, isolating from the rest of his N1A class. Sigh, if this is confirmed, there will be a total of 3 such cases in his class alone. The recovery time usually takes at least 3 days. How am I going to take leave during this busy work week? Mummy's head is spinning :S

After a good check, the doctor confirmed he is NOT infested with HFMD. Yippee!!!!
Those are not mouth ulcers, just some heaty spots :P
Anyway, we got to monitor his condition as there are already cases of this disease in his class. Lots of cooling water is a must!

It is actually Lingyang water, boiled Antelope's Horn strip. This herb really helps to 'cool' down the heat and rid of fever, sore throat etc. Don't know how true is the effect, at least it works wonder for our family.
The taste is rather acquired. Ryan hates it even when it is mixed with his favourite Ribena drink. But mummy has her way :P

"Do you want to play with your thomas train set? Yes? Finish this cooling water."
No exception to any plead or scream or cry or whatsoever.
Well, Ryan bottoms up every time :D This mummy is super hard-hearted :D
I'll try to video the bargaining session (of drinking this cooling) with Ryan next time. Sure to burst some laughing gas :D

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Demi's New Taste

Demi has her first tooth at 3.5 month old, rather early I supposed.
See her hungry-piglet-eating-style :-D

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ryan's Bad behaviour :(

Ryan is getting out of hand lately. He simply enjoys bullying his daddy. Constant nudging, hitting and pulling really drive daddy crazy! And all these only happen when mummy is not looking. Sigh... Such behaviour will not happen to me (since mummy is so strict aka fierce :P) Why only the good suffers? daddy laments.
Daddy does try to be strict & firm on Ryan. But all his efforts seem like a game or joke to Ryan. :alamak:

How can I improve the father & son relationship? Any suggestion? Looks like a haystack search is needed from the Internet...

So much headache when confronting this behaviour challenge. Yet when Ryan's magic strikes, I can't help but to adore this cheeky fellow. See below picture & guess if you can make it out :P

It is supposed to be Thomas the tank engine with all our family riding in it :D
That includes grandpa, grandma etc etc etc
Don't know about you, but this mummy is so proud, Hahaha...

Oh, children. It's amazing that how they can change your life!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Happy Burp-Day, Singapore!!

This is Demi's 1st NDP :-)
Though we only gather at Ah-Ma's place & enjoy the show in front of a TV set,
it is still a special day since we have a new addition this year, Demi.

Demi has showed a new habit: hair-grabbing cry :-P
(see video) You may say I'm a stone-hearted mummy.
I actually enjoy her frantic cry :-P It is so hilarious :-D
With my heart hardened, I could tape this video while her ah mah & ah gong sweating away to calm her down. Berie Funnie Leh ;-P

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

1st Post

This is mummy's 1st attempt to write a blog ;-P
I'd never do it for my own, too shy to share anything about myself. What's so special?!
However, it's never the same since it's for my babies:- Ryan & Demi :-D
Haha, proud parents! Parenthood can really make a mummy very BRAVE.
(Above picture was taken on 21.07.2007 at home)

Just a short intro:
As at today, Ryan is 3 years, 9 months, 4 weeks old
and Demi is 4 months, 3 weeks, 1 day old