Thursday, May 29, 2008

Chop Again :D

No chop on wednesday too... Ummm... must have been running around during class again. Sigh! Ryan claimed that teacher did not bring the chop... So lame excuse, chey...

Mummy needed to bring Demi for her Chicken Pox vaccination at Raffles Hospital on this noon. As the timing was late noon, mummy might not have the time to rush back to fetch Ryan off school. Therefore, 2 monsters... I mean precious were brought along. Without daddy's ahmad service, mummy got to struggle through bus and MRT rides, from Yishun to Bugis. Phew! Ryan slept inbetween the rides. We were fortunate to have seats given up to us.

Before writing about the jab, mummy needed to do some justice to Ryan. Managed to meet Fan laushi when picking up Ryan to the jab visit. She said there were no chinese lessons for the past 2 days; thus she was not able to 'chop' him. Before leaving, she 'chopped' Ryan for his good behaviour on thursday. Wow, mummy so proud leh... Sorry boy, mummy thought you had lied :P

Back to the hospital, Demi got a clean bill from Dr Veronica Toh. She was really gentle and detailed in examining my baby girl. For record, Demi weighs 9.8 kgs and 76.5 cm at height. Only 75 percentile... (compared to Ryan's 90/95 percentile) OK. not too bad since mummy doesn't want Demi to be overweight too :P Demi only let out a 'Wah' when jabbed. After which she was happily playing with those toys on doctor's table. Faintzz! got to be her thick plump skin that she felt little or no pain :D
For her rashes at ankles, Dr Toh prescribed a medicated cream and a moisturiser cream to be applied for about 5 days. Shall feedback if the creams help.

Also, Dr Toh took a look at Ryan's tongue. Mummy thought he might need some snip at the muscle holding too much of his tongue thus caused his misproununciation of S & F. Well, Dr Toh said, OK lah, he has a long tongue! ROFLROFLROFL... Just need to let him practise more on speech. Phew!!

After the visit, it was another long trip back via MRT and bus. Ryan doozed off again. Sigh... VERY TIRING!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Teacher forget to bring 'Chop'???

Asked Ryan if he behaved well in class today. Mummy could see no stamp on his hand. Alas, Ryan might still need more time to learn... Caught us by surprise, Ryan said, ' teacher never bring chop today. That's why Ryan no chop on hand.' When questioned his claim, he said, ' yes mummy, teacher no bring chop!'

Sigh, either he was telling the truth or making up a really good 'story'. Mummy shall check with Fan Laushi tomorrow...

Monday, May 26, 2008

Mummy, see I got CHOP!

Mummy continue to follow closely with the teachers on Ryan's behaviour and work progress. Teachers are asked to call mummy every time Ryan gets out of hand. Should it get serious, I will take time off from office and 'bring' Ryan back. Ryan is fully aware of the arrangement. Or so I thought...

Complaint call rang once when Ryan cut his own hair with the handicraft scissors. Reason, he wanted to cut his hair nice nice. FAINTZ.. Teacher could not stop him from the mischief thus got me on the line to do the 'command in the air'. Luckily Ryan stopped as soon as he heard me on the phone. Well, it seems this 'calling your mummy' works for him now. Fingers-crossed.

Think those half-threat, half-reward stuffs still managed to get into his head. Ryan showed mummy his 'good-boy-chop' proudly today. 'Mummy, I m good boy today. I got settle down for class, never run around. Fan Lau Shi gimme this giraffe.'
Gosh, mummy so proud! At least my boy is not all bad (self-praise)...

Mummy made sure Ryan was showered with lots of praises and recognition. Daddy also promised to give him the Ben10 toy watch (which we bought from our last BKK trip) after he got 'chopped' for this whole week. Too much to ask? Well, let's try, he may surprise us :P

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

It was a mini paper bag shaped like a heart with a 'love note' in it. Ryan's declaration of love to mummy. How sweet!
Like a warm hug for mummy, this gift serves as a reminder that Ryan is afterall a kid. Mummy has been bugged by the CC teachers' negative feedback on Ryan's behaviour. They claimed Ryan would not want to get involved in class yet loved to disturb the others during the teaching. Teachers hope I could talk to him.

Talk reason to a 4 year old boy? Don't know about other parents, mummy and daddy actually feel rather helpless in this field.
Ryan is obedient, or at least controllable when mummy is around. Other time he loves to be 'carefree'. Daddy said Ryan has mentioned to him that the classes are boring and he asked why he needs to attend. FAINTZZ...

We need professional help. Stickers/reward system does not work on him. Time-out leaves no trace on him. Reasoning/dialogue flies out of his left ear as soon as it enters his right. SIAO!!!! KNOCK HEAD ON WALL!!
Mummy can't be sitting by his side during school time, right? That's does not solve the problem at its root. But what else can we do?

We suspect that such attention seeking behaviour may be caused by our new addition at home: Demi. Somehow it must have some impact on him. Meanwhile this little monster, not yet walk on her own, has learned to climb up and down from sofa.

Some pictures taken with grandpa and grandma on Mother's Day: Dinner at Crystal Jade and Ice-cream at Haagen Dazs

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Special Feature: Hello Kitty

Many have asked about the Hello Kitty stuffs bought from our recent trip to Bangkok. Mummy decided to upload better pictures for all to enjoy. Hopefully they are clearer for all to see...

Before anyone asking mummy why get that Hello Kitty car number plate, it is meant for Demi's bedroom door plate. Mummy could print out door sign like: Demi's room or Princess' room... something like that lah :P