Monday, March 31, 2008

Black Sunday

This news side-tracked from the purpose of this blog. Not about how naughty or healthy our precious are now. Not about how daddy messed up mummy's birthday. It is about the dark side of life, DEATH.

Our Neighbour, Mr Phua, had jumped to his death. He had given up the right to live as his separating wife had once again burdened him with another big sum of loan-shark amount. He had been 'paying up' since their courtship time. After 10 over years of marriage and 2 young daughters, he decided to call it quit. Quit of his own precious life.

Whatever could be reported had already been published at today's Shin Min Daily News. All had been pending for police further investigation.

As a neighbour of 9 years, we had witnessed this faithful husband and father took care of the household with such care and dedication. He was always with his two daughters, fetching them to and fro school. He was always coaching his children on school works or simply watching TV with them. A 24/7 family man. As for the wife, we need not say more, she is entirely opposite of her spouse. In fact, she is rather 'famous' within our neighbourhood for her notorious character and of course, her uncountable loan from the neighbourhood. How can she get so many loan from the neighbours with such reputation? Call her a Golden Horse Award winner. There are still gullible people around these days.

I could remember when we first moved into this place, she came knocking my door for a $500 loan. She claimed that her husband damaged his company's property (aircon servicing industry) and badly needed the money for repayment. Daddy thought this excuse was rather lame. For such small sum of money, you would get help from your family or friends, NOT a new neighbour. And she did not want us to talk about this with her husband, claiming he would be shy and angry. How deceiving! We turned her down, saying we had no spare cash. (and it is true! Hahaha... :D)

It is a bottomless pit when you need to 'feed' a compulsive gambler. Last Good Friday was a dipping point when those loan-shark runners came splashing paint at Mr Phua's door. The police came to survey the damage. Ever since, Mr Phua had moved out to a relative's place for the safety of his children. And one week later, his crashed body was found at Clementi.

When all thought this was the end, the spouse made a big fuss. (Expected actually) She denied all claim about her gambling addiction and began her 'show-time'. First, she refused to allow his niece to claim the boby for proper funeral, saying it was his family who had caused his jump. She was the wife, she would handle it.( Come on, she had no money to do it herself!) After some 'tug-of-war, she agreed. (CHEY!! So big deal, get the funeral yourself!) At the funeral, she was behaving like a crazy person, yelling and crying and struggling, demanding to see her daughters. The police had no control on her at all. She was deeply into her 'show'. The police advised the family to return the daughters to this crazy woman so as to shut her up. When she got hold her new leverage, she claimed to kill the children and eer.. herself if she was 'pushed' to the limit. CHEYCHEYCHEY...

When we arrived home in the evening, I managed to talk to the elder daughter (primary 3) to shower her with encouragement. She was calm and nodded to show her determination to undertake her new task as a big sister cum father to her K2 sister. The spouse was present at the scene. She yelled, Don't worry! She will soon join her father! DAMN IT!!! I kept my cool and ignored her to my exit.

At the funeral, we learned from the niece that Mr Phua had been receiving numerous threatening calls from the spouse. He had NO means to pay up those loan and yet he did not want his children to meet any harm. This woman had grabbed at his weakest point, the children. Getting himself drunk was the only way to forget the sorrow. It might be the persuasion of liquar that gave him the 'courage' to take the plunge...

It is too late for anything now. Though as buddhists, we know every existence and demise are linked by karmic relation. But this is still too hard for us to bear especially he is someone we have known. Lots of 'if only' in our mind now... one thing for sure, we have learned to treasure our loved ones and friends, including neighbours even more.

Just prayed that the casket procession on this thursday will be a smooth one. The spouse may strike anytime since she is like a wounded lioness. Piling a huge debt on her shoulder, she IS at her wits end. The two daughters' lives may be in danger... sigh...

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rubber Duckie

A sad day for mummy and daddy...
Thanks, rubber duckie for making the day more bearable... muack!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

HFMD is back!!

Mummy received a notice from Carecorner that reported a case of HFMD in the centre. And worse, the child was from Ryan's class: K1. FAINTZZ. When we came fetch Ryan from school, his teacher reminded us to keep Ryan clean and hydrate at all times. While chatting, teacher turned to ask Ryan if he was feeling any discomfort, especially at the mouth, you know what? Ryan said yes! FAINTZZ FAINTZZ! Then Ryan continued to point his head, his limbs and back where he felt pain. ALAMAK!! liddat everywhere pain lah! Luckily his teacher knew he was being manja and jokingly laughed it off. Phew!! Else me got to burn a week leave to take care this fake-sick child. -_-

Nevertheless, we got to keep up with the cleaning part. Better be safe than sorry :P

And Demi is back to her angelic sleeping pattern. HUGZ! We are going to celebrate her birthday... again at our monthly discussion meeting this saturday. Due to our limited space at our humble house, many district uncles and aunties were not present at the earlier party. This time we shall sing and cut a cake, have a mini party! Daddy has ordered a Hello Minnie cake come with fresh cream and fresh mangoes from Bengawan Solo. Yummy!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Little Sunshine is back :-)

Demi has been an angel sleeper since birth, dozing from 7pm+ till the next morning 6am+. (No Nite Feed!! You can imagine the amount milk powder mummy has saved, not considering the expressed breast milk lah :P) Well, everything has its first, Demi was cranky from 3am to daybreak yesterday :( It might due to the teething pain that was hard to soothe. She practically 'meow' in her half-sleeping mode: MEOW, MEOW... and dozed off... MEOW, MEOW again...and dozed off.
This battle was too hard to fight. Mummy just made sure Demi was safe in her cradle, shut the doors and hit back to my bed.

Demi was still sobbing when we sent her to Auntie Jenny's place... so sad :( Think would bring her to SBCC at AMK in the evening. Checked with Auntie Jenny at noon, Demi was fast asleep. Must have been tired out after the whole nite MEOW :P

By evening, we were glad that Demi had back to her usual bubbly self. Auntie Jenny claimed she had 'cure' her by showering lots of love & hugs. Demi is really 'manja'! She needs the attention so as to pacify her mood. WahKao!! BTH!!

Well, bet you know what mummy would do tonight... sing Demi a soft, sweet lullaby! (except that mummy got to do it with my sore husky voice :P)
Of course, with lots of kisses & hugs!!! :-*

Monday, March 24, 2008

Teething Monster is here!!

To date, Demi is 9.4 kgs with 8 teeth (4 top & 4 bottom). These 8 teeth have been around for sometime with no sign of new tooth budding... Well, after the birthday, everything seems to accelerate. Demi's pre-molars are budding, I guess (by touch).

Demi got heated up till 39 degreeC since the Good Friday. Her constant mourning was too heart-breaking. And worst, mummy had to be away for a one-night camp. Daddy had to take over the sickly gal. Thanks daddy :-* Initially, we thought this might be due to the bad weather. Too much heaty biscuits... It was only when she refused her favourite ribena that we realised it might be her painful gums! Silly parents.. FAINTZ! We had totally forgotten that she is still in teething age. Sigh, silly us...

The teething gel had came to the rescue. The first application managed to soothe Demi to dreamland. At last, the mourning had stopped. Phew!! Demi slept through the night in peace...

Left her with Auntie Jenny this morning before we rushed to work. Mummy asked Auntie Jenny to rub on the teething gel diligently to stop her cat-meow mourning. HUGZ baby, mummy misses U :-*

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Demi turns 1 :-D

Sssswish! One year has passed! Our dear Demi is ONE year old. Mummy decided to hold a small party (compared to Ryan's 1st)for Demi, inviting some friends and relatives to celebrate the occasion. Not being unfair to Demi, mummy just felt tt our humble house could only take this many of guests (based on past experience :P) Anything more will be overcrowding!!! Phew!

Mummy has used Hello Kitty theme for this party. This should be a common theme and thus easier to get those related party stuffs. Daddy managed to find one goodies stall at Jurong West, settled most of the preparation. The party decoration was based on two colours tone: Purple and Pink. Mummy got the trimming, balloons & tablecloths of these two colours from Tekka Mall. Those gift shops previously from Concourse have moved to this new mall. Also, we ordered a Hello Kitty cake from Polar & Puff. It was both yummy look & taste. Really a great buy! Thanks to the recommendation by auntie Rebecca. :-*

Some pictures taken at the party... Entertaining and photo-shooting at the same time are just not so possible... mummy is lucky to have these few shots taken. Phew!!

Cake cutting video was not so perfect as daddy did not tape from the beginning. Well, he was shouting 'one more time', 'one more time' so as to capture the moment again...Alas, no one was really listening... all focus on Demi's yummy cake, I reckon. At least better than nothing (like Ryan's -_-)

Next on the list, Grab-a-future! See Demi grabbed the item that symbolises her future. From the video, she is meant to a scholar next time! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... HOHOHOOHOHOOHOHO.... HEHHEHEHEHHEHEE... (as if :P) But cannot deny, we had so much FUN that day. Thank you all, my friends & relatives that made it so.. HUGZZZ

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ben 10 saga continues

Ben 10 theme song lyrics

It started when an alien device did what it did
And stuck itself upon his wrist with secrets that it hid
Now he's got super powers, he's no ordinary kid
He's Ben 10

Now if you see him you might be in for a big surprise
He'll turn into an alien before your very eyes
He's slimy, freaky, fast and strong, he's every shape and size
He's Ben 10

Armed with powers, he's on the case
Fighting off evil from Earth or space
He'll never stop 'til he makes them pay
'Cause he's the baddest kid to ever save the day
Ben 10

Goodbye Thomas! Hello Ben 10 :)

Ryan and daddy new HOT favourite: BEN 10
Actually mummy likes the show too :P Catchy theme song that can make Demi swing to dance, fast pace storyline... Not bad!!

The Story:
When 10-year-old Ben Tennyson discovers a mysterious device, he gains the power to change into 10 different alien heroes, each with uniquely awesome powers. With such abilities at his disposal. Ben realizes a greater responsibility ti help otheres and stop evildoers, but that doesn't mean he's above a little superpowered mischief now and then....

Little steps ahead :)

Demi has started her mini steps with the help of walker (push-cart type) since 11 month old. Rather slow I reckon as Ryan started his unsupported steps at slightly over 1 year old. Girls should be a faster developer, others said. Some could do it below 10 month old. Sigh, think Demi's chubby overall did weigh her down alittle. Hahaha...

Mummy managed to take a short clip of her making those little steps... Such sweet memories :-* How mummy loves technology for that :)

Also, just loaded this clip taken at the Children Playland of the Singapore Zoo. Though the pool is rather shallow, the water is super duper COLD! Brrrr....
Demi played for a short while before mummy wrapped her up like MUMMY BABY :D
One thing to note, got to ensure no dried leave (floating on pool) is eaten along the way. LOL!!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

A potential helper @ home :-)

This is Demi's recent trick: wiping table/floor/chair/etc etc etc...
Initially mummy thought Demi will bite on the napkin or cloth since she is so into tasting anything and everything she can get hold of. Well, surprisingly Demi can resist the biting urge and start to clean as she goes. Hahaha... a potential helper at home. Hopefully not too much mess instead, fingers crossed :-P

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Update alas!

Mummy took such a long break since my last update :-P Daddy was too busy with his work and reservice thus could not find time to upload those videos and pictures. Here you are, those cute videos and pictures taken during the break.

More updates on Demi's first birthday party later... so exciting!!