Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Siblings Love/Rivalry

Mummy is too tired.. ahem! ok, too lazy to update the blog. Really exhausted after a whole day of work and nest battle. Hopefully all will be settled by October.

Think pictures tell a thousand words. Just some pictures taken when these two precious were having a sweet sibling time... for a while before breaking into fight and yell. ROFL ROFL

Friday, August 15, 2008


Daddy was doing his regular check on Ryan's teeth for tooth decay when this new budding tooth was found. We are excited and worried at same time :P Happy that Ryan has a new tooth to replace his weak and tiny pearlies. But also worry that his new teeth may not be straight and neat (and be like us - crooked teeth :P )

Not too sure if we need to go visit the Dentist... Is it to early to tell?

Friday, August 8, 2008

Happy Bday to Kyrie!!

It was mummy's young cousin, Kyrie's 7th birthday. Our family was invited to the celebration. Thanks to Auntie Liana for the invite :-) Everyone enjoyed the party, especially the yummy bday cake in Strawberry Shortcake! Hehehehe...

Sidetrack, a picture of daddy and 2 precious:

Monday, August 4, 2008

It's Grandma's Bday!!

Uncle Daniel (mummy's brother) and auntie Doris (SIL)initiated a sit-down dinner today to celebrate Granny's 52th birthday. Since the folks preferred Chinese-style meals (compared to western fish & chips:P), Uncle Daniel made a reservation at Long Beach (East Coast), near to ECP MacDonald's.

Verdict: Food - so so. The crabs were rather disappointing :( The spinach was served in soup!! soupy fried vege.. definitely mummy's first try :P Think the crowd was too big to handle. Standard really CMI...
Service - worse... Everyone dashed around with orders, no one really made eye contact so as to avoid extra work :P They had to end it with a splash of soup on Auntie Doris when clearing the table... :alamak:

For us, it was our last visit.

We headed to Changi Airport terminal 2 for Swenson ice-creams. You would be surprise to see the long queue at that hour: 9.30pm. Not getting enough, all of us gathered again at granny's home for a cake-cutting session... Wahlaoeh... by the time we reached home, it was 12.30am. That was soooo early >_<

Nevertheless, we had great fun despite some disappointing episodes.
Happy Burp-day, granny... Kiss kiss kiss

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Long lashes, blink blink!

these pictures are taken while these two precious are deep in their dreamlands. Can't help but to envy their long dark lashes. Sigh... not from mummy definitely. OK, daddy, you get one credit :P

Friday, August 1, 2008

Paintjam Dan Dunn

Auntie HuiLi shared this interesting video of a 'JAM' artist. Very fasinating!! No matter how small your capability is, as long as you put effort in perfecting it. You'll be an expert... of that field of yours :) Your life is thus value creating. Just look at this artist... mummy think granny would be yelling at her top should this be my brother's doing :P Such unique aspiration will surely invite lots of challenges or voices of objection to be exact :D

As parents of 21st century, how should or would we react if our mini-me decide to go against the main stream and build their lives based on dreams. Hmmm... something to ponder though they are still budding, too young to defy.