Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's daddy's Birthday!

Mummy and daddy took leave on this day to 'celebrate' his special day. OK, not really a celebration. At least it was a kids-free day, a day we could have some couple time. We went to The Line at Shangri-la Hotel as our last visit was a very memorable one. Mummy could still remember the dishes I didn't get to try as anything more would burst my stomach! The selection was really wide! And they served very fresh oysters! Mummy 'asked' (ok, forced) daddy to take one. It was his least favourite and yet a very big pity should he miss such delicacy... Daddy took a full 2 mintues before he could overcome his fear and took a gulp :P really funny to see his struggling moment and the after-taste reaction. notti mummy :D

We picked up the precious after the long lunch. Mummy got a simple cake for daddy and celebrated with grandma. This made her really happy!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Thomas & Friends SHOW

The day had arrived!!! Finally, Ryan got to meet his favourite train, Thomas in 'person'. Mummy just glad that Demi could get to watch it too... of course, for FREE... YEAH YEAH

We were one hour early and managed to get Thomas merchandises. Ryan chose a Thomas tray mat for his 'mum-mum' table (aka dining table) at S$5. Mummy added another programe sheet which served as a big poster. It also came with a plastic dinner plate. For both, it was S$15. Daddy said No when we wanted to get a Thomas Light Stik at S$15 each. He thought once purchased, we got to get 2 as Demi would expectedly fight for this new toy :P Sigh... Budget Pte Ltd... we shut our eyes and moved on. Luckily Ryan did not make a fuss... He was too excited to see Thomas and occupied himself by posing with Thomas's poster. Vain Pot! ROFL

Really glad that we had got the seatings at front row. At row B AA2, we were 2nd nearest to the stage. Just before the show started, 3-4 actors came to the front rows to say Hi and give out some balloons. (We managed to grab 2 :P) One of them was the 'driver' of Thomas. He stamped Thomas chop on kids' hands. This was enough to make Ryan extremely happy and thrilled! What more could we ask for? Ryan took a picture with this handsome driver too. Too bad daddy's hands were shaky. Not too clear a shot though :P

The show started at 1.30pm sharp. Ryan knew almost all the songs and could 'sing' along. We were surprised that Demi enjoyed the show too. She could sit still throughout on mummy's lap. On and off she would turn her head side to side so as to get a better view :D Whenever there were parts where children waved and said bye to the trains, Demi would hold up her hands and does her baby waves too. She had so much fun singing 'orh, orh, orh'. Towards the end of the show, the Fat Controller came to interact with the audience at front seats, Demi stood on mummy's lap so excitedly that it hurt! >_<

Alas, the show ended, not without surprise. Burst of confetti went off and the children gone crazy grabbing and sweeping these colourful bits. Yet Ryan said sadly, "Mummy, you have 3 tickets, right? can we see again?" Really didn't want to break his little heart just yet. Mummy soothed him with promises to see more shows next time. Actually mummy was planning to bring the precious to the movie, Wall.E.
Maybe we should go in the coming weekend...just maybe :P