Sunday, October 11, 2009

1st attempt - Fondant Cookies

Our neighbours had been asking mummy to meet and try some home baking as they claimed to have under-utilised their sophisticated ovens. Mummy too has a convection oven which is only used for microwaving & light grilling. It is time to make my money well-spent :)

As a start, mummy set a target: to bake sugar cookies for Ryan's 6th birthday as a door gift. The 1st attempt was not so successful. The batter might have been over-beaten thus caused the cookies to be 'bloated' in size. Those cut with mickey mouse cutter & stamper were enlarged beyond recognition :P sigh... at least I did try, mummy said to myself.

But mummy did not give up :) I signed up a day class at a home baker to learn the basic of cookie making and decoration. Here you see the class work mummy had done.
Rather ugly lot :P Mummy had shaky hand and limited creativity. Well, at least mummy tried...

Determined to make my own gift for Ryan's birthday, mummy tried again. This time mummy applied the tips & tricks learned from the day class. The result was at last satisfactory. They looked like this...

Nice or not :P The taste actually was not that sweet either. The sweetness of fondant & icing had blended with the dryness of cookie. Rather balance I would say. (self-praise :P) Mummy actually received order of such cookies from daddy's colleague. How much to charge? I'm totally clueless? Anyone can enlighten mummy?

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grow, grow, growing UP :)

Mummy is lagging very behind in blog updating. Too behind to post update one by one :P To simplify, just some picture update on the 2 kiddos...

These were taken at the Singapore Science Centre:

These were taken at a school outing at Jurong Central Park:

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Daddy's 37th Birthday

I cannot believe it! It is daddy's birthday! So soon??? Mummy could still remember so vividly the torturing oyster-swallowing act done by daddy at his bday lunch. Oh my goodness, how could mummy celebrate this special day with more new tricks? A devious plan mummy gotta have. hehehehe...

The 'celebration' started out with a peaceful breakfast (without kiddos :P) at Red Star Dim Sum restaurant The foods were not fantastically nice but the ambience was traditional and cozy.

Almost routinely, we went for a movie G.I. Joe at Marina Square. We even sneak-peeked the PC show at Suntec. Though it might be rather boring for some, we felt really carefree and had enjoyed the sweet moment as a couple.

At last, it was the time to present the main item of the 'celebration' show...
Mummy unveiled daddy's special gift at the entrance of a nail beauty shop. Wow-la! It was a Pedicure & Manicure classic treatments for men! Daddy shrudded with fear :P He tried to resist but in vain. HAHAHAHAHa... The beautician actually commented that she felt honored to service his 'virgin feet'! ROFL.

Pictures to share...

The treat ended just before the kiddos got off from school. We enjoyed a nice little cake from Bengawan Solo in mummy's favorite filling: Mango (Hey, whose bday cake was that for ;P) That Mickey Mouse cake design was hand-picked by Demi. (Well, she is daddy's girl. She has the say :P)

Last but not least, each of us presented a gift to daddy. There was a Deuter Sling bag, Goldlion card wallet and daddy's dream gift: Iphone 3Gs.

Happy birthday, daddy. Hope you have had a great time. Mummy got to pick more brain juice for a better bday torture, Opps I mean, bday surprise for you next year and many years to come ;) :-*

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Successful Enrollment!!!

HURRAY!!! Ryan has successfully allocated a place in West Grove Primary School :D
Mummy's heart sunk when the P1 registration required ballot after receiving 256 application for a mere 94 vacancies.

Both mummy and daddy reported at the school at 8am this morning. We were guided to the Assembly Hall where the balloting would be held. There were about 200 or more hopeful parents. Everyone was nervous, mummy could tell 'cos I was definitely one of them :P Before the actual 'lucky draw', 9 parents from the audience volunteered to be the 'picker' of the balloting. Then cards of name of each applicants were read out while shown on projection and thrown into a clear box. After the verification, the volunteers took their lucky pick. You could imagine our anxiety when the number started to shrink from 94, 93, 92....

We could not believe our eyes when Ryan's name was shown on projection after 60+ names were announced! What a relief!!! It is really no joke to withstand such intense pressure. Fortunately, this would be our last since Demi could enrol with sibiling priority.

Next on the list, before/after school care centre registration. There are about 7 such centres around the proximity of this school. Mummy needs to check them out one by one. sigh... more work to be done...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Attack of the HFMD!!!

Gosh, it is confirmed. Demi is diagnosed with Hand, Foot, Mouth disease :(
Daddy has detected only a mild fever 37.5 oC this morning. We thought it was just a light flu or something. Sigh... she is now on MC till 29.07.2009. Ryan is not spared. He has to be isolated either at school or at home. It is a big blow to mummy & daddy. It really caught us off guard. Who is to help babysit the kiddos. How many days of leave could we afford to take? Mummy's head is spinning >_<

Anyone can share the type of foods to eat & not to eat during this recovering period?

Friday, July 3, 2009

Mummy's favourite Kdrama now:

The City Hall

Main Cast:
Cha Seung Won as Jo Gook
Kim Sun Ah as Shin Mi Rae

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jurong Bird Park

Daddy's colleague from Germany visited Singapore for a training session. We brought him to the Jurong Bird Park with the two precious :) We were blessed with very fine weather (though mummy could welcome some cool breeze, if any) :P

Ryan was having a great time except when fighting with Demi for that pull-along ride:P

pictures pictures...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Demi's 2nd Birthday

Mummy is still slowly catching up with the update of the kiddos. Sorry folks. Uploading of pictures has been very frustratingly slow. Really spoilt my mood of blogging:P

Following are pictures taken during Demi's 2nd birthday celebration held in her school. It was her first party with classmates.

Immediately after the day party at school, Demi has her night party at home on the same day. By then, she has used to singing birthday song and blowing candles. Millions of thanks for the presents and presence of all aunties, uncles and little friends!!