Sunday, October 11, 2009

1st attempt - Fondant Cookies

Our neighbours had been asking mummy to meet and try some home baking as they claimed to have under-utilised their sophisticated ovens. Mummy too has a convection oven which is only used for microwaving & light grilling. It is time to make my money well-spent :)

As a start, mummy set a target: to bake sugar cookies for Ryan's 6th birthday as a door gift. The 1st attempt was not so successful. The batter might have been over-beaten thus caused the cookies to be 'bloated' in size. Those cut with mickey mouse cutter & stamper were enlarged beyond recognition :P sigh... at least I did try, mummy said to myself.

But mummy did not give up :) I signed up a day class at a home baker to learn the basic of cookie making and decoration. Here you see the class work mummy had done.
Rather ugly lot :P Mummy had shaky hand and limited creativity. Well, at least mummy tried...

Determined to make my own gift for Ryan's birthday, mummy tried again. This time mummy applied the tips & tricks learned from the day class. The result was at last satisfactory. They looked like this...

Nice or not :P The taste actually was not that sweet either. The sweetness of fondant & icing had blended with the dryness of cookie. Rather balance I would say. (self-praise :P) Mummy actually received order of such cookies from daddy's colleague. How much to charge? I'm totally clueless? Anyone can enlighten mummy?

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