Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Daddy's 37th Birthday

I cannot believe it! It is daddy's birthday! So soon??? Mummy could still remember so vividly the torturing oyster-swallowing act done by daddy at his bday lunch. Oh my goodness, how could mummy celebrate this special day with more new tricks? A devious plan mummy gotta have. hehehehe...

The 'celebration' started out with a peaceful breakfast (without kiddos :P) at Red Star Dim Sum restaurant The foods were not fantastically nice but the ambience was traditional and cozy.

Almost routinely, we went for a movie G.I. Joe at Marina Square. We even sneak-peeked the PC show at Suntec. Though it might be rather boring for some, we felt really carefree and had enjoyed the sweet moment as a couple.

At last, it was the time to present the main item of the 'celebration' show...
Mummy unveiled daddy's special gift at the entrance of a nail beauty shop. Wow-la! It was a Pedicure & Manicure classic treatments for men! Daddy shrudded with fear :P He tried to resist but in vain. HAHAHAHAHa... The beautician actually commented that she felt honored to service his 'virgin feet'! ROFL.

Pictures to share...

The treat ended just before the kiddos got off from school. We enjoyed a nice little cake from Bengawan Solo in mummy's favorite filling: Mango (Hey, whose bday cake was that for ;P) That Mickey Mouse cake design was hand-picked by Demi. (Well, she is daddy's girl. She has the say :P)

Last but not least, each of us presented a gift to daddy. There was a Deuter Sling bag, Goldlion card wallet and daddy's dream gift: Iphone 3Gs.

Happy birthday, daddy. Hope you have had a great time. Mummy got to pick more brain juice for a better bday torture, Opps I mean, bday surprise for you next year and many years to come ;) :-*