Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A trip to Bangkok : mini honeymoon

Mummy and daddy went for a 3 days 2 nights trip to Bangkok last weekend. It was like a mini honeymoon break for us since Auntie Jenny agreed to help take care of our two precious. A BIG THANK U to Auntie Jenny!!

Together with Auntie Jennifer, Uncle Daniel, Auntie Wendy, Uncle Mike, Auntie Rebecca and her cousin, we set off to our first overseas trip without kid baggage :P

It was also our first flight with Thai Airway and it was our first landing at the new Bangkok airport: Suvarnabhumi Airport . Really excited about this trip. Especially to mummy since my last overseas trip was in November 2006 to Phuket Clubmed, when I was 5 month pregnant. Gosh!! It was so long ago, considering Demi is about 14 month old now.

Upon arrival, we were caught in traffic jam while on the way to our hotel, Arnoma Hotel. There again, our first stay. Our usual bunk is at Asia Hotel... kind of cheap & value deal type :P
Thanks to Auntie Wendy for her recommendation. This hotel really served us well. Great breakfast spread, clean and spacious room (with TUB!!), next to Big C shopping mall and near to all town shopping centres. We will definitely return on our next trip.

As it was rather late when we were finally ready for shopping. MBK shopping center was our first stop. Thanks to the help of walkie-talkies, we gang stayed contactable without the high cost of mobile phoning. Alas, our disappointment came when the restuarant we wanted to gang dine at was closed for cleaning. Uncle Daniel was really saddened as he wanted to eat the famous roasted pig :P Fortunately his crave was satisfied (partially) at Nam-Xing restaurant along Yaowaraj Road (Chinatown). We had roasted pig, shark fin soup, deep fried fish, butter mushroom, scallop brocolli, claypot prawns for only 4000+ baht. Gosh!! Very economical meal!! Yummy, mummy drooling as I typed. Faintzz! As everyone was too highly strung due to the trip excitement. We went for some massages. Daddy opted for a traditional thai massage and mummy, a neck-shoulder-back massage. With lots of tickling and laughter, we headed back to our hotel an hour later. Really fun to hang out in group. Mummy missed the silly jokes and tears (too much of laughing)...

Chatuchak Weekend Market was a must-go for mummy. It took up our entire second day and packed it with lots of sweats and even some fear... Daddy almost got pickpocketed during the squeezing shopping spree. He had put his wallet on his thigh pocket of his bermudas. Served him right! That was definitely a 'come, take me' location. Luckily, Lady Luck was on his side. He felt the pick almost immediately and managed to get hold of the wallet. The culprit slipped away as soon as our eyes blinked. Phew! Nothing was lost and no one was hurt. That was the best ending. We were both on high guard after this scare. We had Sizzler's steak for dinner at MBK while the rest of gand headed for MK restaurant (BBQ) at Big C. Dinner was great if not for the terribly picky old white couple. They picked on everything that was served to them. The steaks were not done 'right', the wine was not chilled enough, the salad spread was too limited etc. WAHKAO!! Really pity the manager who was spinning to and fro to meet the couple's demand. Not that feedback was not important. Just rather overboard to ask for a change of steak twice... Didn't like it? Don't come again lah! FAINTZ! Later, we planned to go for a movie since it was practically impossible back in Singapore, with the two precious around. But after the dinner, both of us were too drained to go anywhere except our hotel room. Gosh, age really caught with us :P

On day 3, we ventured into Pratunam Market to do our last minute shopping. Alas, though there were lots of nice and cheap clothings, mummy could not fit into most of them. Sob, Sob, Sob... If only, they had them in just one size bigger...if only... Well, mummy managed to grab 2 dresses, some tees and some accessories. Not too bad :D
Next, we returned to MBK to get our beloved green-bean paste desserts. They were made in rich-coloured flavoured skins and various fruity shapes. Yummy!! But sad to say, most gone spoilt by the time we touched down in Singapore. Chey!! At 37 degree C, Bangkok was too hot to keep anything fresh.

When we thought the adventure had finally reached its end, another hurdle occurred. Our luggages came out soaking wet! Faintz!! Fortunately, most of our shopping stuffs were in tact. Thanks to mummy for insisting plastic packing for all items. But our suitcase was a goner. It was too wet for future use. We filed a claim to NTUC income on the loss. Hopefully we could get a replacement soon.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Singing to tune: UNTIL YOU - Shayne Ward

Mummy and 2 precious had a sing-song moment in daddy's van... See Demi mumbling in tune. ROFL...

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Is it a YES or NO? Make up your mind, lady :P

Cannot deny it. Woman is a difficult-to-understand creature. And the traits starts to show when she is very young... See video for example. Yes or No is just a thin line apart. Hahaha... ROFL ROFL...

Friday, April 18, 2008

Siblings Love

Mummy taken a couple of pictures of these 2 precious yet again. When compared to the past pictures, one can see how fast children grow. Capture every moment is all so important :P

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ryan writes his Chinese name!!

Mummy caught Ryan scribbling on a paper thoughfully. He was writing his name in both chinese 张 博 竣 and english, Ryan Teo Bo Jun. Wah!! How proud :P The childcare center is benefial afterall, excluding the horrible HFMD and bad habits.. LOL

And a rare picture of mummy with two precious. We went for a lunch meet-up with Jie Jie Loan and her parents at Yum Cha, Chinatown. Daddy managed to take this shot before we headed home. Uncle Do (Jie Jie Loan's dad) had a great time with the precious. He is such a gentle and patient uncle. We hope to see you in Switzerland next time!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mini Gathering

Some pictures taken on 5 April saturday during a mini-gathering. We had a mini BBQ cum steamboat session. Too bad that Auntie Jennifer and family could not make it due to stomach flu and sore eyes... Never mind, we'll have another one soon... HUGZ!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Newspaper Clips

Before we have a closure on this sad event, just for record purposes, we attached the newspaper clippings as per below:

Friday, April 4, 2008

Farewell Mr Phua, may U rest in peace...

Mummy and daddy took hours off from work this afternoon to attend the casket procession. We wanted to bid our last goodbye to Mr Phua.

The casket was scheduled to leave at 4pm for Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium Complex At the praying ceremony, the spouse was present throughout. She mostly sat by the side with a sunken face when the priest and relatives of deceased were performing the ritual. When the ceremony ended, she grabbed the children home to do 'don't know what chore'! Faintz!! The procession got to wait for them before the fateful send-off. Luckily the casket in-charge followed her to prevent any MIA, just in case... It was delayed another 15 minutes when the spouse and children were finally got ready.

The rest was rather swift, too quick to mark the end of a person... The coffin was mechanically pushed in and that was it: a life was gone... Sigh...couldn't help but sob while saying our last goodbye to our neighbour. If only, if only...

All relatives gathered at the entrance of the Crematorium for the ritual wash-up. Mummy heard a loud 'thub' suddenly! Before I could see clearly, the spouse had fallen on the floor. Next was loud exchange of curse and swear between the spouse and Mr Phua's relatives. Should the casket in-charge failed to stand between them, a fight might have erupted. When we reached home, the police came to take down statement. The spouse reported that Mr Phua's relatives attacked her. Faintzz!! As if there was not enough trouble. Anyway, the police left soon after, no arrest was made.

We learned from Mr Phua's niece that their main concern was the two daughters. They would consult the legal procedures to protect the interest of these two girls.

Meanwhile, the spouse secured her leverage tightly. Not even school is allowed. The trio were last seen loitering around the neighbourhood. Some heard that she wants to bring the children back to her Malaysia hometown. Sigh, the fate of these two girls is worrying... Hopefully the relatives can save them in time.