Friday, February 20, 2009

Demi got 'attacked' !!

Totally furious! Demi's teacher had called to report that she had got bitten by her classmate, again >_< This was the second time in a week of 5-day care. Gosh!! Not forgetting she had also tripped and fallen at the playground on the first day of the same week. OMG!!!

Ok, mummy knows Demi is rather clumsy. It is inevitable to have some bruises and cuts. But they happen really frequently, I would say :( Not that mummy wants to complain, I just hope that the teachers can be more attentive during those 'dangerous times' (outdoor/playtime). Sigh, how I missed Auntie Jenny's tender-loving care...

See a bruise near the left eye?

These were 'presents' from playground where the school brought them to during outdoor time.

Bite marks... from classmate Jacob. Ask her about her hand, she will say, pain pain, jacob bite :(