Friday, January 30, 2009

Ryan the brave boy

It was last August when we saw the new tooth budding in Ryan's mouth.

It was rather early for Ryan to have his first adult teeth (or so we thought) Though it had affected the existing front tooth, pushing it to crook to an angle, we thought it was normal. It was left to the mother nature until January 2009 when we made a visit to our family dental clinic.

The shocking news was confirmed after the dentist took a X-ray of the teeth. Ryan had a one-in-a-thousand situation: an extra tooth pertruded between the 2 front teeth. According the dentist, this extra had to be extracted as soon as possible as it would affect the growth of adult front teeth later on. And since this extra was overlapped with the existing front tooth. Both teeth had to be extracted at the same time.

The only problem: whether a 5-year-old could withstand the pain of the numbing jabs (at least 3) and allow the dentist to perform her magic :P If this was not possible, we had to get it done at the hospital where Ryan would be 'put to sleep' to get these teeth out :P Besides the high cost, it would pose certain level of risk.
A big challenge to mummy. And I had to make decision, coax Ryan and control him within minutes. Gosh! Who says parenting is easy!!

Of course we went ahead with the jabs and faced the screaming & tearing of Ryan :( Fortunately Ryan could still glue to the dentist chair throughout the trial. It would surely be worse if he flipped and tossed and turned. The dentist managed to extract both teeth in one piece each, not broken or in pieces (otherwise more complication would arise). At last, it was done in 15 minutes. Ryan might have thought it was his darkest minutes ever. hahahaa...

Ryan did express his fear after the leaving the dental clinic.
"Mummy, next time we don't come to see dentist already, can?"
Mummy said "So do u want worms to live happily in your teeth? If you don't see dentist, no one can help you catch them. How?"
Ryan said " ok lor... must come see dentist to catch my worms in my mouth..."

Hehehe... somehow, mummy feels Ryan is still a simple boy at heart :P
Well done, my boy! A big kiss from mummy & daddy :-*

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hello to 2009 :-)

It had been a rather eventful 2008 for us: balloting and getting a new flat, packing & moving house, switching to a new childcare center etc... Phew! How glad we are to have settled happily in the new nest and slowly adapting to the new environement.

Now our home must be really sweet for us. So sweet that it makes all very lazy to get back to the usual self. Mummy is lazy to blog about anything, daddy is lazy to do any leftover unpacking, Ryan is hoping to watch Cartoon Network every minute and Demi loves to laze in her new cot (instead of rocking sarong).

Gosh! It takes mummy tonnes of effort to start making entries in the blog again :P Just so hard to start that rusty engine. Sorry folks :P I'll try to be more hardworking, k? Hehehe...

Some pictures of our new nest...