Friday, November 30, 2007

Daddy's in Korea :-(

It is in daddy's job scope, as a gas detection service engineer at Drager, to travel overseas . It is rather dangerous since such devices are usually used in high risk areas, like oil rigs, vessel, tunnel etc. But it is also daddy's passion, to scale challenging ground and excel in the field. I think he has done a great job. Hopefully he will be given the credit and get appreciated for his effort :-)

This time daddy is assigned to a training cum calibration job at Ulsan and Incheon, South Korea. He managed to visit a local departmental store, Lotte Department Store for some shopping and food in the evenings. See video below to catch a glimsp of the store.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ryan's Playroom

Auntie Jennifer wanted to see how Ryan's playroom look like... So here you are, pictures of the room... Not very glam, but think it is enough to keep a child very entertained :-)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Demi fell off the bed :-O

Gosh! Demi fell from our bed after a few quick roll-overs!
That was so quick! It just happened in a blink of eyes! What followed was definite: a loud row of cry & bawl. At least she is alright, without signs of vomiting etc.
Just a little red bump on her forehead :-P
Sorry, Demi. Mummy will be more careful next time, k? HUGS & KISSES :-*

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Grandpa turns 60!

Really cannot believe it! Another birthday?!
It is a glorious 60 years for grandpa on 15 Novemeber. Born in 1947 in a small town of Johore, Malayia. Grandpa migrated to Singapore with his dad when he was below 5 years old. According to this grandfather's story, (hehehehehe) his mum left them when he was very young and he practically grew up in the longkang (drain) :-P His hawker dad was so busy with the business that he could forget to feed this longkang boy, let alone parenting. Sound rather sad but think this was the usual fate for kids in that generation. Life was tough, period.

Nonetheless, grandpa is a happy man now, with 3 kids and 2 grandkids to call his own. Grandma is also a devoting wife who now focuses on spending quality time with him besides her daytime work. Indeed, they should enjoy the time now. Their children are all grown up and striving out on their own. Mummy just glad that they are healthy and sane :-D

All of us went to Jumbo restaurant at waterfront for dinner. This place is famous for its chili crabs. Mummy's favourite, yum yum! Frankly, it is really a feat to dine with 2 children. One will make noise after you settled the other. Spinning heads for mummy and daddy... We were so caught up with feeding & eating, we forgotten to take pictures of the yummies. FAINTZ!

Luckily there were some shots taken right before the dinner, at least served as a momento.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

If Daniel can cook, so can I ??

It was really nice of Uncle Daniel and Auntie Jennifer to invite our family to their place for dinner. Home-cooked foods!!! Yummy! For a small family like us, cooking up a meal really takes up alot of effort, both time and sweat!

Mummy bought a piggy costume from through Auntie Jennifer. It was simply amazing to see it in real life. It was so nicely done. Really glad to have gotten this for Demi. Love the piggy trots especially. hahahaha...

One more thing to note: A Big Thank U to Auntie Audrey for a great recommendation of this Seat Sack. It is simply a breeze to secure Demi on any chair with resting back. Dining out is now so baby-friendly. And better, mummy got it cheap from forum bulk purchase. Another big bear hug to Auntie Audrey...Muack, muack!!

Click on below HUG :-)

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Rainy day? Go Vivocity then :)

Daddy was hoping to bring all for a swim on this sunday. Too bad, the sky was moody since morning. Time for to proceed Plan B! We dropped by Plaza Singapura to get some cloth and lace for Auntie Jenny to make new dresses for Demi. Thereafter to visit grandpa and grandma. Surprising, these folks wanted to shop at Vivocity and invited us to join them. GREAT!!! Shopping is surely an all-time-winner for mummy.

Mummy got two blouses from Forever21. Really got to thank daddy for making this possible as he took care of the two 'monsters' while I did my browsing and fitting.

All of us managed to grab some ice-cream at haagen-dazs Some yummy pictures to share with all :-D

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Flu Bug Attack

Demi greeted mummy with two nosy watery threads when I fetched her from Auntie Jenny's place. Sigh... Flu bug has attacked!! How could mummy forget to keep Demi under wrap the night before. Baby after six months tends to fall sick easier as the breastmilk intake has dropped to accomodate the introduction of solid foods.

We brought her to our family doctor few blocks away. Just too lazy to go all the way to Singapore Baby & Child Clinic (SBCC) at Ang Mo Kio. The long waiting time was also too daunting! Let's see if the medication from a usual GP work for Demi... If it is ok, daddy's pocket will have less stress. Only S$22 compared to S$80+ from SBCC :P