Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fancy Dress Competition

Mummy enrolled Ryan in a Fancy Dress Competition, held at Ang Mo Kio Community Centre. He had such great time running around the hall with his tigger tail. He was participating in a magic show. Could'nt stand him, he just popped up when the magician was asking for volunteer. What a brave (thick-skinned?) boy! hehehe...

Though not won any title, Ryan got himself some cute souvenirs, like scultured balloons. Enough to make him really happy. Mummy and daddy were happy too :)

Just see how Ryan tried to act like Tigger. Mummy and daddy just couldn't stop laughing. He was trying to crawl like tiger...Children!

Friday, September 28, 2007

6 month old Jab with pneumococcal vaccine

Demi was due for her 6-month vaccination. Got her jab for pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccine. So both her 'thunder-thighs' were jab this time. Managed to let out a short cry when jab at the second time. Only took a short pat to calm down. Way to go, Demi... Thanks to your super thick skin. :-D Luckily she totally enjoyed her rotavirus vaccine (orally fed). She made it seem so tasty. Greedy girl.

A stopover at MacDonald Queensway Shopping Center for quick bite. Daddy got to get himself a 40 litre haversack there. See Demi performed stunts in her baby chair: breakdancing in limited space. Hahaha...

Sunday, September 23, 2007

A very wet day at Zoo

Uncle Wilbert (mummy's boss) warmly invited our family to join his to the Singapore Zoo. The weather was fine at first when all were met and gathered at the park entrance. Alas, the sky started to pour on us when we made it through the gate. How frustrating! Ryan was the saddest of all as such weather would not commence any animal feeding session, especially to his favourite animal, elephants. Luckily, he had Lisa and Peter (Uncle Wilbert's 2 precious) around to keep him busy :)

Since the park was mostly unsheltered (for that nature, wild theme), all of us went to the playland for hiding. The children had so much fun at the Bubble Center. So glad to be at the zoo despite the wet weather ...

Lisa 'swimming' in bubble balls pool. Totally enjoying!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wedding Dinner at Holiday Inn Park View

Our family was invited to a wedding dinner of daddy's cousin, Trevor at Holiday Inn Park View. It was on a working day (Friday). Though knocking off early than usual, Daddy and mummy got to rush like mad from office to office, then to care center and babysitter's place, and back home for dressing up and along the way, rush to fetch grandma too. Traffic at CTE to town on a friday evening was madness too. Phew! We were lucky to reach the event at 8 pm, after trapping at traffic jam for an hour.

One thing to mention, Demi's sitter, Jenny is the nicest carer we have ever come across. She truely cares for Demi, giving her the best she could offer. She made Demi a party dress specially for this dinner. It is so nicely done, everyone at the dinner sang praises and amazed at how fine the workmanship is. Thanks, Jenny! Many many hugs and kisses from all of us :-*

The food served was above average and the settings were really romantic. (with lots of fresh rose petals) But one killer, SUPER SLOW SERVING of each dish. It was 12.30 in the morning when we finally got home. Mad Mad Madness!!

All slept till 10am the next day, including Demi... It is simply too tiring!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Hey Pretty, nice flip :-)

Babysitter Jenny mentions that Demi has learned to 'roll-over'! Just can't wait to tape it down for all to see. Isn't it amazing how parenthood can make such baby act seem like a big milestone... only a parent would understand and appreciate the exhilarating feeling.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Life with two kids is really challenging. Mummy needs to find more money my two precious. Really wish to afford all the best stuffs of everything for them. Just like Lo'real slogan: You're worth it! My babies surely worth every bite... oops, bit, I mean. This is the sentiment of all parents in the world!!

Hopefully this is the answer to my prayers. If so, this is truly a cashcow hobby! Moo...mooo
Blog (with pleasure) and earn money (more pleasure!) :P

So friends, click on above picture to find more. - Blog Advertising in Asia!

Well, by doing so you may be helping Ryan and Demi grow more money in their piggy bank :-D
Hahahaha... Thank U in advance hor :-D

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Daddy's Birthday!

We celebrated daddy's 35th birthday on 11/Sept/2007 Tuesday with a Superman Cake from Bengawang Solo. It was a fresh cream, vanilla sponge cake with fresh mangoes filling. Really Yummy!! Ryan kept saying, "Yum Yum, Lelicious!"
Demi got to eat a tiny bit of the cake too :-P Hehehe... Look at her smile, she simply loves it!!

To daddy,
Thanks for making our beds, preparing our work/school bags, helping Ryan bathe and dress, changing Demi's diaper and clothes every morning. Also thanks for vacumming, mopping the floor, doing the laundry and cleaning and loving Kiki & Pearly.

Happy Birthday, Daddy

Ryan, Demi and Mummy love you. :-*
(oops, not forgeting, Kiki & Pearly love U too)

You Are Our Superman!


Monday, September 10, 2007

Malay Wedding

We received an invitation from our 12th floor neighbour to a wedding lunch of their daughter, Norlizah. It was a grand event held at our block void deck. Nice setting in royal purple and pure white. How romantic!

Ryan had tried his very first Biryani rice and enjoyed chicken satay the most! He was practically munching away in the whole event. Paisay sia :-P

Demi's charm was in full force at the luncheon as all the aunties and uncles gathered around, waiting for a chance to carry her :P This mummy is super proud mann :-D At first, I was worried that the crowd might be too overwhelming. Well, mummy was wrong. Demi enjoyed the attention alot and rewarded all with her megawatt smile.

This certainly put my mind at ease cos there is a wedding dinner at this month-end. Hopefully she is as cheerful too (fingercrossed).