Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ryan's K2 Graduation Concert

Belated Post: (26/11/2009)

At last, it was the shining moment for the going-to-be-P1 children. Ryan's care centre had put up a graduation concert for all the K2 children. A chance to mark the children's growth and milestone :)

It was held at a theatre in Republic Polytechnic. The school went through great extend for this 'kids' concert with elaborated costumes, syncronised music and drama lightings. Ryan went through some rough patches while training for the show. Though his part was rather simple, he was required to practise many times with his classmates in order to perfect the timing and steps. This made him crazy :P Many times he skipped the training after causing troubles during practises :( Mummy even got to took leave to attend one of the combined training (among other centres) so as to make sure Ryan would behave. Sigh...

Nevertheless the hard work was paid off. Ryan was very excited over the show, especially when he was in costume and make-up. Gosh, he was so adorable :P (self-praise) But alas, there was a little hiccup just minutes before the actual show began... Teacher Prahba called mummy to help calm Ryan down. He was said to be crying non-stop...

Not too sure what had happened, but mummy managed to hush him down and got ready for the show... Later after the show, Ryan complained that his classmate wiped off his make-up to make him an ugly boy, thus the crying started.. sigh... vain pot :P

pictures now, folks

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